The Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge, known simply as the Key Bridge is a continuous truss bridge with a main span of 1,200ft and was the third longest of any bridge of its type in the world. The bridge was 1.6 miles (2.6km) long and spanned the Patapsco River and Baltimore harbour. The river flows out into Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the US. The Francis Scott Key Bridge was a critical link for trucking and motor vehicles linking Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York. It was also the busiest in the US for car shipments, handling more than 750,000 vehicles in 2023, according to data from the Maryland Port Administration.

It was opened in 1977 in honour of Francis Scott Key, a 19th Century Maryland poet who wrote the words for the US national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner.

Early on Tuesday morning a container ship crashed into the bridge causing most of it to collapse. Several vehicles on the bridge at the time plunged into the waters of the River Patapsco. Hours later, the Coast Guard said at least six people were presumed dead.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore has declared a state of emergency and the Port of Baltimore remains closed to ships.

President Joe Biden vowed the federal government will cover “the entire cost” of rebuilding the bridge and reopening the port.

Eight people – all part of a construction crew contracted to fix potholes and make repairs – were seen on the bridge at the time. Two of the workers are from Guatemala, according to the country’s consulate in Maryland.

Two people were pulled from the water after the bridge collapsed, one in a serious condition and one apparently uninjured, officials said. But six others likely perished due to cold water temperatures and hours spent under the surface, the US Coast Guard said on Tuesday evening.  The agency said it was suspending its major search and rescue operation that lasted all day.  It will now focus on a recovery mission to locate bodies and bring closure to families of the victims.

Officials say first responders worked in treacherous conditions to try to find the men, as there were “some cargo or retainers hanging from the bridge” as well as dangerous debris in the water.” BBC.

The questions are: What caused the bridge to collapse?  Was it an accident, a Black Swan or False Flag event and if so who was behind it? 

MV Dali Hitting Key Bridge in Baltimore – Track and Video Analysis

“The revelations regarding the downing of the Francis Scott Key bridge are pointing increasingly towards willful negligence on behalf of multiple parties.

“Vessel flagged from Singapore (known “clown” staging area).
Vessel operator (1 known) w/ ties to Ukraine.
The bridge destroyed is the “Francis Scott Key” bridge (War of 1812 and American national anthem).
The support structure impacted is one of the most central, and physics dictates inarguably crucial for the overall suspension of the bridge across the channel. (Possible weakest link?)”
The revelations regarding the downing of the Francis Scott Key bridge are pointing increasingly towards willful negligence on behalf of multiple parties.”

At worst, it may have been a coordinated attack on US critical national infrastructure.”  SGAnon

“Baltimore Harbor disaster?

This is a BLACK SWAN event.

Black swans normally come out of the world of finance (not military). The standard operating procedures for all U.S. ports, harbors, and bays that transit commerce and military activities are supposed to maintain an incredible level of discipline, rigor and awareness for these very type events to not occur (ever!), yet here we are.

There are harbor masters for every single one of these transit points in America that are in charge of assuring the safety of navigation…start there.” General Flynn

The TRUTH is coming out in the Baltimore bridge collapse” General Mike Flynn | Redacted News

“Multiple intel sources: Baltimore bridge collapse was an “absolutely brilliant strategic attack” on US critical infrastructure – most likely cyber – & our intel agencies know it. In information warfare terms, they just divided the US along the Mason Dixon line exactly like the Civil War. Second busiest strategic roadway in the nation for hazardous material now down for 4-5 years – which is how long they say it will take to recover. Bridge was built specifically to move hazardous material – fuel, diesel, propane gas, nitrogen, highly flammable materials, chemicals and oversized cargo that cannot fit in the tunnels – that supply chain now crippled. Make no mistake: this was an extraordinary attack in terms of planning, timing & execution.

The two critical components on that bridge are the two load-bearing pylons on each end, closest to the shore. They are bigger, thicker and deeper than anything else. These are the anchor points and they knew that hitting either one one of them would be a fatal wound to the integrity of the bridge. Half a mile of bridge went in the river – likely you will have to build a new one. Also caused so much damage to the structural integrity of the bottom concrete part that you cannot see & won’t know until they take the wreckage apart. Structural destruction likely absolute. Attack perfectly targeted. “They have figured out how to bring us down. As long as you stay away from the teeth of the US military, you can pick the US apart. We are arrogant and ignorant – lethal combination. Obama said they would fundamentally change America and they did. We are in a free-fall ride on a roller coaster right now – no brakes – just picking up speed.” The footage shows the cargo ship never got in the approach lane in the channel. You have to be in the channel before you get into that turn. Location was precise/deliberate: chose a bend in the river where you have to slow down and commit yourself – once you are committed in that area there is not enough room to maneuver. Should have had a harbor pilot to pilot the boat. You are not supposed to traverse any obstacles without the harbor pilot. They chose a full moon so they would have maximum tidal shift – rise and fall. Brisk flow in that river on a normal day & have had a lot of rain recently so water was already moving along at a good pace. Hit it with enough kinetic energy to knock the load-bearing pylon out from under the highway – which fatally weakens the span and then 50 percent of the bridge fell into the water. All these factors when you look at it – this is how you teach people how to do this type of attack and there are so few people left in the system who know this. We have a Junior varsity team on the field. Tremendous navigational obstruction. Huge logistical nightmare to clean this up. Number of dead is tragic but not the whole measure of the attack. That kind-of bridge constantly under repair – always at night because there is so much traffic and they cannot obstruct that during the day. So concern is for repair guys who were on foot (out of their vehicles) working who may now be in the water – 48 degrees at most at this time of year. When you choke off Baltimore you have cut the main north-south hazardous corridor (I95) in half. Now has to go around the city – or go somewhere else. To move some of that cargo through the tunnel you may be able to get a permit but those are slow to get and require an escort system that is expensive and has to be done at night. For every $100 dollars that goes into the city, $12 comes from shipping. Believe this will cripple the city of Baltimore at a time when they do not have the resources to recover.” Lara Logan

Dave at X22 shares his opinion on what the bridge collapse means for the United States and the economy :

Ep 3315a – [CB] Makes Move With [CBDC], Biden Will Use Bridge Collapse As Cover For The Economy

Ep 3315b – [DS] Sends A Message To The American People, Black Swan, Trump: “I Love The Truth” (from 34:26 mins)

“From my perspective: Clearly the Dali cargo ship was under way with power all the way to the moment of impact. The exterior lights on the ship can be shut off, that doesn’t necessarily mean you “lost power”. The most striking bit of information I can see is the speed. The ship increased speed to a maximum speed (in this timeframe) of 8.7KN – which it reached approximately 4 minutes before impact. At approx. 4 minutes before impact it also initiated a turn directly on a heading for the pylon it ultimately made contact with. Note that the reports are that the ship lost power, but the ship maintained its speed after the turn of 7.6KN until impact. I argue that the ship never lost power and the loss of 1.1KN of speed was due to the turn the ship initiated before contact. As an example- A ship traveling at 22.7KN can expect to take 29 minutes to slow down if the engines are moved to “STOP” – this gives us an approximation for how much speed a ship without power might lose per minute. Rate of decrease = 29 minutes / 22.7 knots ≈ 1.28 knots per minute Video data of speed for the Dali and also of example of how long it takes for a ship to slow below” Ryan Tyre

Crash at 8 x Speed – watch on X

Drone Footage of Downed Bridge

In 2023, the Obamas produced a movie called Leave the World Behind, where a cyberattack causes a massive container ship to lose power & crash ⚠️
Months later a massive container ship loses power & crashes into Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, CAUSING A DEADLY COLLAPSE ⚠️

“The Alliance was plainly in command. There may have been a fight below deck with the Alliance.
This was one of the most brilliant operations the Alliance has ever done. It was done in such a way, everyone thinks it was the black hats. It was not an accident. It was definitely a strategic operation. The Alliance had to stop the ship to get the children rescued before it went into open seas.
The Dali had come from New York port where it was said it picked up containers with children in them and then went to Baltimore which is a major trafficking hub. The Alliance was on board to steer the ship into the bridge. They made it look like an accident to get the ship stopped. I wasn’t told how they got on the ship. Just that they were there.
The Alliance was on the bridge and steered the ship right into the bridge. They had people on both sides of the bridge to stop traffic just before the collision to keep the traffic off. Look at the points the bridge broke into. I could see explosives going off in that area. Look real close. It was brilliant. They needed to stop the ship for a long time to affect the rescue.
I was not told how they were going to rescue the children, only that they did. They knew exactly where they were. It was told to investigators that the ship had no crew on the bridge. Sec. Bootyjuice lost his cool when someone told him there was no one on the bridge.
There was supposed to be a local crew on the bridge to get it out to open water, but there wasn’t. The Alliance deserves an honor award for pulling this rescue off in what looked like an accident. You can expect all sorts of coverup lies on this one.
In rescue operations there is going to be collateral damage.” Project Camelot

BREAKING: Baltimore, Maryland bridge collapse investigation reveals no electronic recordings, cameras, or CCTV footage were found on DALI, VDR sensor data was interrupted while being turned on and off, and audio recordings are hard to comprehend due to background noises, according to NTSB report. QAnon

“On the ship, authorities discovered 56 containers, totaling 764 tons of hazardous materials.  Some of these containers were breached, leading to a sheen observed in the waterway.  The hazardous materials include corrosives, flammables, and miscellaneous Class 9 materials, such as Lithium Ion Batteries.

Federal, state, and local authorities are aware of the situation and are taking steps to address the issues.” QAnon

BREAKING: Investigators are indicating that it might require up to two years to uncover details regarding one of the most devastating maritime accidents in American history. Concurrently.

An elite Coast Guard unit is examining 13 Centers for Disease Control containers aboard the vessel, marked with the label “Hazardous Materials.”  This development prompts inquiries regarding the CDC’s dispatch of Hazmat containers to Sri Lanka, the intended destination of the vessel prior to its collision with the Scott Key Francis Bridge upon departing from the Port of Baltimore. @QAnonBrief

Hazardous material is leaking into Baltimore harbor

On Wednesday, National Transportation Safety Board Chair Jennifer Homendy said her team had identified 56 containers of hazardous material aboard the Singaporean container ship.
A senior hazmat investigator with the agency determined that ‘764 tons of hazardous materials’, which includes corrosives, lithium ion batteries and flammables, now threatens the water surrounding the downed bridge.  Read more…

Lara Logan BALTIMORE UPDATE: Analysis from specialists in predictive behavioral analytics, counter-terrorism, hazardous materials, maritime attacks, cyber, national security & intel – this is their view:

Based on their training & experience, they believe this was two types of operation:

1) “Penetration testing” where they are probing/testing to identify vulnerabilities in our responses and defences,


2) a shaping operation to set the conditions and prepare the battlefield for a potential future event.

The concern is that other critical infrastructure disruptions/hits recently that appeared to be independent, isolated events, MAY not be. For example, the Ohio chemical disaster, train derailments, fires at food processing plants etc when taken in isolation do not appear to be that significant but when taken together, could indicate shaping or stacking operations that are paving the way for a bigger event where they do any number of these types of operations together. That could potentially paralyze the U.S..

So the critical question our government should be answering right now is this:

“When will they trigger a multiple episode that causes the paralysis effect?”

Some of the indicators are how many incidents have occurred within “a relatively short timeline” & what they see as the departure from what is “normal”.

They believe those in charge will make sure the investigation into the bridge crash “goes nowhere quick”.

And one of the goals here is to give the public mental anesthesia while they test this, using train derailments or exposure to chemicals in Ohio where they told everyone to shelter indoors – to ask questions like: Did they comply? Is this going to successfully deceive & cause behavioural change?

They use the media to create the assumptive narrative – do not want the facts analyzed because they do not want people processing the truth. Truth naturally leads to questions they do not want asked.

But it would be “foolish and naive at the expense of national security not to question the Government narrative on the Baltimore bridge crash given the level of corruption in spheres of power and influence in this country today”.

With many years of experience in “spoofing” – the tactic used in cyber warfare to hack into someones’s system and deceive in order to achieve a certain outcome – they recognized multiple indicators watching the video that tell them the GPS signal was likely hacked. It would have led them to believe they were not as close to the bridge as they were and may be why in the video you see the crazy lean to port and then to hard starboard as they realized they were not on course in spite of the GPS indicating they were.

In information warfare terms, here are some of the tactics they see being used now that many of you will recognize:

1) Engineered complexity – where they throw in nonsensical variables (information) to distract. This is designed to keep you from serially processing multiple channels & give you processing overload that prevents you from toggling different channels of information.

IE: they create processing decoys to distract you from truth.

2) They are trying to reframe the issue by focusing on details that do not matter. They do this by throwing in a variable that is not relevant to the main equation.

3) Common sense, skepticism and intelligence are huge “overlays” that get in the way of manipulating human behavior so they analyze you to learn how to create channel overload as you toggle/handle different channels of information such as the speed of the boat, temperature of the water etc.

3) They need to load you up with enough variance to create channel overload so you create an error that they can use to discredit you. One way is to create doubt in yourself. Most effective because you make yourself less efficient when your brain is processing self-doubt. And it will propogate into the future.

“Population so much easier to dupe today than 20 years ago.”  @NoAgendaLara

FEDS Reveal Contents of Cargo Ship Black Box

Baltimore False Flag information from SGAnon


Occult rituals, gematria, numerology, symbology and Hollywood movie connecttions behind the collapse.

Disappearing Ducks!

The Charlie Kirk Show with Lara Logan – The Media is Lying to You About What Really Happened to the Baltimore Bridge

We NOW know they’re LYING about the Baltimore bridge collapse

MILITARY INSIDER This is Unprecedented! World Situation Update With General Blaine Holt

Normally when an accident happens involving a ship the insurance company start an investigation to determine blame before paying out.  It turns out if the United States is prepared to pay the bill no investigation will take place.

What are the government  wanting to hide?

Baltimore Police Marine Unit Cut From City Budget

As major cities face financial losses from the pandemic and increasing calls to “defund the police,” Baltimore City’s proposed budget would eliminate the police marine unit. (June 2020)
Baltimore City Council just voted for a budget that cuts $22.4 million dollars from Baltimore Police. Included in the funding cuts is $1.87 million dollars for the Marine Unit and Underwater Recovery Team– Baltimore’s police boat squad that patrols the harbor to the Key Bridge and parts of Anne Arundel and Baltimore counties.

“In addition to the high visibility things we do like stopping speeding vessels and returning lost loved ones to grieving families we also investigate boat accidents, search for missing persons, recover evidence under the water, enforce DNR laws, tow in distressed/disabled boaters, save vessels from dragging anchor and causing accidents, dewater sinking vessels (delaying sinking until private companies can take over). We conduct vessel pursuits, escort VIP vessels and protect high value assets. We also maintain security zones and set up anchorages for special events for people to enjoy like 4th of July.” Read more…

Biden says federal government will fund Baltimore bridge rebuild

WASHINGTON, March 26 (Reuters) – U.S. President Joe Biden pledged that the federal government will pay the full cost to rebuild the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, one of the nation’s busiest arteries that collapsed hours earlier on Tuesday after being struck by a massive freight ship.
“It’s my intention that the federal government will pay for the entire cost of reconstructing that bridge and I expect the Congress to support my effort,” Biden said, speaking from the White House ahead of a trip to North Carolina.

Baltimore’s Key Bridge rebuild could take a decade, analysts say

The Port of Baltimore port could be reopened in less than a year, but the effects on transportation and the timeframe to rebuild the Francis Scott Key Bridge could take up to a decade, according to some analysts.
Currently, a nearly 1,000-foot-long ship is clogging the Patapsco River, along with the debris from a large portion of the bridge, after the collision on Tuesday morning.
Cleanup and port opening
The process to clean up the tons of materials in the waterway, which leads to the port of Baltimore, could take quite a while.
“It’s weeks and months to remove the debris and reopen the shipping channel. I’d be shocked if it’s weeks, but I don’t think it’d take a year,” said Benjamin Schafer, Professor of Civil and Systems Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.
During that time, the port could be closed, leaving about 15,000 port workers in limbo….

Construction won’t be able to start until after the cleanup process.
“I’ve lived through quite a few civil infrastructure projects and they’re rarely less than 10 years and the price tags have never been out of the hundreds of millions these days,” Schafer said. “In round number senses, it’s not great.”
President Joe Biden said Tuesday that the federal government would pay upfront for the cleanup and bridge to expedite the process and then worry about getting funds from the companies at fault later.
“Fifteen thousand jobs depend on that port and we are going to do everything we can to protect those jobs and help those workers,” Biden said at the White House on Tuesday. “I’ve directed my team to move heaven and earth to reopen the port and rebuild the bridge. We’re going to work hand-in-hand to support Maryland in whatever they ask for.”
Biden said the debris will need to be cleared before the port can reopen and that the Army Corps of Engineers is on the scene to assist with the cleanup.
“It is my intention that the federal government will pay for the entire cost of reconstructing that bridge, and I expect the Congress to support my effort,” Biden said.
Schafer said a similar project, rebuilding Tampa Bay’s Sunshine Skyway Bridge which was hit by a freighter in 1980, took seven years.  Read more…

Navy barges assist in removing collapsed Baltimore bridge from river

Three Navy barges arrived Friday at Baltimore Harbor to assist in removing the remains of the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge from the Patapsco River. The 1,000-ton lift capacity derrick barge Chesapeake, the 200-ton lift capacity revolving crane barge Ferrell and the 150-ton lift capacity crane barge Oyster Bay have been contracted through Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and are being used to remove submerged portions of the bridge, according to a Navy news release. The bridge collapsed early Tuesday following a freighter collision. The Navy’s Supervisor of Salvage and Diving will work in phases to disassemble and remove the bridge section by section. The pieces will be transported away by the barges, the release said. An additional 400-ton lift capacity barge will arrive in Baltimore early this week, the release said. An additional 12 crane and support vessels, including tugs, survey, dive and crew boats, are in the mobilization process and also will arrive in Baltimore “in the coming days,” the release said.  Read more…

The TRUTH is coming out in the Baltimore bridge cyber attack Lara Logan Redacted News

Delving Into The Baltimore Bridge Collapse

So it’s TRUE! FBI is FINALLY investigating the Baltimore Bridge Cyber Attack Redacted News

The FBI has now opened an investigation into the cyber attack that brought down the Baltimore Francis Scott Key bridge. Why did it take them 20 days?

Update: 14th May 2024

What do you notice about the Baltimore bridge COLLAPSE This doesn’t make sense

Something very strange is happening with the Baltimore collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Why are crew members being confined on the ship? Why is the FBI confiscating their phones? If there’s no attack then why isn’t the department of transportation in charge of the investigation?