An intelligent, secure, and fully customizable media broadcasting platform for content creators.

The GEMSTONE Earth Media Alliance (GEMA) project envisions building a technical architecture and worldwide platform that will be enclosed within the PanTerraVida jurisdiction, established as a Private Contract Association within the Society and jurisdiction, for full private capacities and environment – one that is founded on the principles of freedom, open dialog, unfettered expressed and free speech, as well as a safe and secure environment free of violence, hate, and the other degenerative influences found in today’s internet. 

We will start with this small and focused section in GEM University to build out the three basic points of focus:
1) Introduction and framework for the ultimate GEMA system;
2) The beginning phase of building our News and Current Events reporting network;
3) A presentation platform for reporting on our Projects and work in the world in fulfillment of our Declaration of Intention and Master Plan.
These three areas will first be built here inside GEM U while a new web site will be designed and built, and when ready, to move the three building blocks of the first phase of GEMA onto the site. 

The introduction section will be designed to introduce people worldwide to this initiative and to set up on the web site a place where interested beings can sign in to become members of the GEMA Private Contract Association.  Of course, all of this will be within the private enclosure of the PanTerraVida Society and jurisdiction.  The web site will be considered a “Pre-Launch” presentation in anticipation of the initial launching of the full worldwide architecture and platform.  It is hard to say how long that build-out will take, but roughly speaking, we anticipate to launch the GEMA web site within the first six months of 2024 and to launch the GEMA Platform within two years, sometime during the last quarter of 2025 (but we are open to the possibility of doing it sooner!). 

The Pre-Launch sign-up will be to have as many people worldwide express their interest to be “Node Hosts” of the individual units (nodes) that will be the backbone of our architecture.  These nodes will be integrated into a unified system that will act as a distributed server system, so that the system, architecture, data, and content will essentially be “everywhere and nowhere” at the same time, a secure, private, data haven that is impenetrable and cannot be attacked or destroyed.  All Node Hosts will enter a contract as part of the PanTerrraVida Contract Association to host a node unit and receive valuable remuneration for doing so.  Of course, the entire system will be designed to create and maintain our new monetary system that will be based on value creation and not debt monetization, so Node Hosts and other participants will not have to “pay” for services or participation, but will create value that is monetized and will create value that is exchangeable and can be accrued to build one’s private estate.

Gemstone Earth Media Alliance (GEMA) will be an intelligent, secure, decentralized, no censorship space for all PanTerraVida Society members to create fully customizable home screens and pages.  Each member will have all of the tools to design one’s own unique home page and identity, choosing from a menu system of all available modules and tools.  The modules will include all educational courses, social media functions, media content that one can mix and max, self-publishing (tubing, chats, etc.), communications, one’s own and others’ content, videos, webinars, live broadcasts, libraries, home schooling, social media, and more.

Each and every member will be encouraged to be a co-creator, to be proactive in building their own individualized models of self-expression and manifestation, while at the same time being provided the tools and the means to interact on local, regional, national and global levels with those of like-mind and intent, by finding complimentary and supportive participants in their areas of interest and focus.

The key and central points upon which the public relations and promotional endeavors will be founded are the following concepts:

  • Global Educational Media Standing Together One & Equal (GEMSTONE)
  • Balance, Integrity, Honor, Respect, Equity, and Self-Responsibility
  • Celebration of Life and All Peoples and Cultures, Through Art, Music, Dance and All Manner of Expression
  • Working Together to Build a Regenerative World that is Best for All

The GEMA Architecture and Platform will be the most advanced decentralized and distributed architecture and platform ever imagined.

Our vision for GEMA is to create a unique synthesis of many technologies and approaches to in data and information systems and build it as the most comprehensive open space for social interaction, communications, education, media, marketplace and laissez-faire economic interaction available.  We call it a “Media Alliance” because it is not owned by anyone or anything but is held in trust as an alliance of the global community and as a Legacy Trust for future generations..

All participants will be a Member of the PanTerraVida Private Society and Private Contract Association; hence it will be private and of its own jurisdiction and not subject to repressive regulatory controls.  Every Member will have his or her own Home Page that can be built with drag and drop modules to create one’s own unique environment for learning, creating, sharing, and growing together with the larger community. 

As stated above each Member will have the opportunity to be a host for one point (node) of a large, distributed, decentralized nodal system that in its totality will place GEMA “everywhere and nowhere,” meaning our technical architecture will be distributed throughout the world in a way that it is ubiquitous while at the same time being something that cannot be attacked due to its distributed and decentralized design.

Every Member of the Private Contract Association will have access to the general education content within GEM University and will have the opportunity to be a Node Host, to host one of the nodal units in their home or office, as one point (node). GEM Hosts will also have opportunities to build a monetized account that grows with the creative input that is created by each host, with a monetary issue (currency) in our own private jurisdiction that has real and tangible value without any of the trappings of other so-called private currencies.  In short, a Virtual Private Currency (VPC) functioning within a Virtual Private Economy (VPE) carried securely within our own a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on a global scale.

GEMSTONE Broadcast Network (GBN)

The GEMSTONE Broadcast Network will be the In-House PanTerraVida content that is curated according to our editorial point of view for the subjects that are now part of the Gemstone University and GEM University educational content.  One can consider what we have today in these two sites as the mere seedlings of much more expanded content and materials, either aggregated from other sources or in-house production and development.

This will include a full spectrum of content from feature films, documentaries, real time reporting of projects, investigative journalism, historical revelations, and much more.  We will be building or acquiring all the necessary locations, equipment, personnel, and production facilities to produce our in-house content as well as making this available to qualified members for their own production and content.  GBN will be the Voice of the PanTerraVida Society to present our unique blend of education, media, knowledge, insights, projects, and leadership in envisioning and building the emerging new paradigm of our world, while every alliance member will have their own home page and publishing capacities to express their own voice to add to all of this.

The GEMSTONE Broadcasting Network intends to support the voices of honest journalism that have been under attack for many years and provide the means to expand the creative capacities of the free and independent journalistic voices that will establish a renaissance in education and growth. 

Some of the types of channels will include…

  • The Truth of the Matter (Real Law, Money and History)
  • New Monetary and Economic Systems
  • Current Events and Deep Investigative Journalism
  • Media Alliance Global News
  • Transition Analysis and Reporting
  • Real Time Media Access to Emerging Technologies and Projects
  • Health and Well Being
  • Land Use
  • Community Development
  • Documentary Channel
  • Home-schooling Curriculum Support Channel
  • Supporting Young Ones to Be the New Leaders of Tomorrow and Self-Directing their Own Destinies
  • The Voice of the People
  • The Voice of the Young Ones
  • The Voice of the Planet
  • Animals, Plants, Nature, Systems, Ecology
  • Earth Watch Channel (BioDiversity and Real Time Reporting of Conditions of the Natural World)
  • Returning the Planet to its Original Balance
  • Cultural Forum, Culture, Music and Art
  • Diversity Within Unity: All People, Cultures, Tribes, and Nations
  • World Music
  • And more…

As we wait for the all singing, all dancing GEMA platform to be created we will share some aspects of what will be available here on GEM University.