Future Development Intentions

The photo above is taken from a hilltop overlooking the shanty town in Freetown, Sierra Leone known as Kroo Bay.  This photo is taken on a good day when the seas are calm and the sun is shining.  For perspective, have a look at the Sierra Leone page (link below) and see what this looks like on a bad day, which is often.  Floods, fires, no sanitation, lack of hygiene and nutrition, and much more.  PanTerraVida has been developing relationships in Sierra Leone and many other African countries for many years to be a force for solutions in these situations.  Our Declaration of Intention clearly states that we will not stop until every Living Being in this world has a life of Honor, Respect, Integrity, and Dignity – proper housing, education, health and medical services, nourishing foods, opportunities to build and create – all the things we want to have for ourselves and our families. This is the basis and motivation of our projects worldwide. 

Our worldwide project endeavors are focused on a wide spectrum of sectors, including social and economic development, essential infrastructure construction, housing, schools, hospitals and health centers, agriculture and forestry, soil and water remediation and purification, food resource revitalization, materials and building technologies, integrated energy systems, and much more.  In short, our entire project compendium has been designed and is being implemented to fulfill the foundational mission of our Society as expressed in the PanTerraVida Declaration of Intention, to build our Master Plan, and to create the new paradigm that fulfills the expressed ideals of the People’s Declaration of Peace and Sovereign Integrity

Several decades have gone into the development of these models and objectives.  Much of that time has included the focus of developing our own vertically integrated primary source capacities for the capital origination without debt or recourse, so that these objectives can be fulfilled without impairment or undermining attachments or influences.  As we publish this page in late December, 2023 we anticipate that this capital will soon be in hand and we look forward to the new year to begin full mobilization and implementation. 

This page shows a few examples of the types of projects that we will initiate soon, including:

  • Disaster Relief in areas recently hit (attacked) such as Maui and Acapulco (and in so doing build a full disaster relief organization worldwide that will be available at a moment’s notice to mobilize the required support for such situations
  • Full spectrum country level infrastructure and development, exemplified by our Executive Summary for Sierra Leone development 4.5 years ago and ready to proceed upon release of funding
  • The complete build-out of the GEMA production facilities, studios, teams, and content development for the GEMSTONE Broadcast Network and GEMA, with a key project being the development of projects such as the Las Vegas Gemstone Media Studios
  • The full build-out of the worldwide architecture and platform for the information data systems for GEMA that will be vertically integrated, globally decentralized and distributed, and full self-contained as a Virtual Private Network that carries a Virtual Private Monetary System, to build a private, Virtually Private Economy, Marketplace, and Socially Interactive environment for education, media, and full engagement at all levels.

All of our projects are to be held, organized, and managed under the auspices of our Seven Continental Initiative, with its Worldwide Council, and the Seven Sub-Councils overseeing each continental initiative with country level and regional management. 

The Seven Continental Initiative

The Seven Continental Initiative is a PanTerraVida Treasury program for the organization and management of our projects worldwide.  It is organized into seven primary level divisions, one for each of the seven continents.  All islands and smaller land masses in proximity to one of the seven continents will be included in the nearest of the seven divisions, with Australia having the most of the South Pacific Islands.  Antartica will be part of  New Zealand.

Each continental division will have a governing council made up of PanTerraVida Members and Non-Members drawn from the respective continent (generally top level principals of major projects who will be brought in as “Pearl” level Members)

Above the seven councils will be a worldwide global council made up of members from the seven councils and some PanTerraVida members who are not active in any of the individual seven divisions. 

This organizational structure will follow our standard protocol of whole system dynamics that are interactive and interdependent with each other, and the ultimate design goal is one of chaordic balance with all component parts.  This, of course, is an ideal that will be worked towards, but in the beginning specific responsibilities and authorities will be assigned to specific members.  Over time, the organizational structure and management responsibilities will shift and morph as we mature in the process of development through experience and implementation. 

This entire structure will be based on the chaordic team principle, where everyone is both a leader and a team member.  We will not identify officers, chief directors, boards, or any other designation other than council or team member.  The dividing lines are in place for keeping our areas of focus clear and divided, but are not rigid.  An individual can be on multiple continental councils at any given time if his or her expertise or knowledge is valuable to be shared “across borders.”  We will also follow the principle of “build yourself out of a job” as we go forward, designing specific functions, organizational structures, administration, management and other primary functions, that will be put in place to be filled with others to step into roles and positions.

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