The world is presently seeing many disasters from floods to fires, both natural and manmade, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, refugees from war, extreme poverty and more.  Daily we are seeing more and more people in dire straits and getting little to no support or corrupt support from government and private agencies. The current system of relief is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

PanTerraVida is about solutions.  We will have our own Disaster Relief organization that will be able to rapidly deploy to an area anywhere in the world in need of such support.  We will be building regional staging zones in many areas of the world to provide such rapid deployment, that will include air and sea transport systems, the ability to deploy thousands of high quality tents that can house about 4-6 people each, with community kitchens, bathrooms, showers, schools, medical facilities, field surgery units, and health clinics.  Our overall plan is to be ready to lift it all in quickly, along with setting things up to bring in large scale food, water, medicine and other supplies.  Through the PanTerraVida banking system we can create a method of accounts and debit cards so that the people who lost their homes, businesses and jobs can have whatever they need to stabilize.After watching the disasters in Maui and Acapulco recently, and the disasters that were the “disaster relief” we decided that this must be an essential part of our overall project configuration, and so this will be being built soon after the first of the year (2024) to progressively create the necessary supply chains and infrastructure to deliver this support anywhere in the world.