Tedros Declares Victory, 1 June 2024

WHO Director General dr. Tedros: “Today the nations of the world made history at the World Health Assembly. After 2 years of negotiations they adopted a strong package of amendments to the International Health Regulations based on the lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic. The IHR was last updated 19 years ago. The amendments adapted today strengthen global preparedness, surveillance and response to public health emergencies including pandemics. And although the Pandemic Agreement has not yet been finalized the Health Assembly has charted the way forward. It has agreed to extend the mandate of the Intergovernmental negotiating body to finalize negotiations on the Pandemic Agreement as soon as possible and by next year’s World Health Assembly at the latest. The success of the IHR amendments demonstrates that in our divided and divisive world countries can still come together to find common cause and common ground.”

Freedom Rally in Geneva

194 WHO Countries Agree to Arrest Citizens Who Oppose Bird Flu Vaccine – Media Blackout

The World Healthy Assembly this week adopted amendments to the controversial International Health Regulations without any fanfare from the mainstream media. These amendments abolish the national sovereignty of countries, grant the WHO sweeping powers to pass laws in western nations, and criminalizes speech that the WHO says undermines the official narrative….

The World Health Assembly (in close cooperation with the US HHS/Biden administration) has been working on “updating” the existing (2005) International Health Regulations (IHR) agreement.

In blatant disregard for established protocol and procedures, sweeping IHR amendments were prepared behind closed doors, and then both were submitted for consideration and accepted by the World Health Assembly quite literally in the last moments of a meeting that stretched late into Saturday night, the last day of the meeting schedule.

The requirement of four months for review was disregarded in a rush to produce some tangible deliverable from the Assembly. There was no actual vote to confirm and approve these amendments. According to the WHO, this was achieved by “consensus” among this unelected insider conclave rather than a vote.  Representatives from many WHO member nation-states were not in the room, and the ones that were there were encouraged to keep quiet.  Read more…

WHO Director General Tedros

“Even before the Covid-19 pandemic the world was off track for the health related targets in the sustainable development goals. Now we’re even further behind. Between now and 2030 we must do all we can do to get as far as we can towards the sustainable development goals…”

“WHO made climate and health one of the agency’s 6 strategic objectives for 2025 – 28…member states approved a far reaching resolution on climate and health. But we also should recognize that we meet at a time when the impacts of the climate crisis are all to tangible and life limiting for communities. Just one example, a record-breaking heat wave in Delhi this week spreading across India with temperatures approaching 50°C, prompting the rationing of water and bringing most activity in the city to a halt. The reality is that climate change is disproportionately affecting  the most vulnerable communities in every, I mean every country in the world, threatening to reverse progress in health and sustainable development. Our actions to diminish global heating will deliver major health dividends as well as ameliorating the environmental and social determinants of health.”

WEF panelist Mariana Mazzucato, explains how the plan to vaccinate the world has failed. Their formula is simple:
1) Create a crisis, 2) Accumulate power

WEF Just Admitted CASH Will Soon be Illegal. If we lose this battle they will take everything, there is no safe place to put your money. 

Are Lithium And Vitamin D The Missing Keys
To Mental Health?

Dr. Michael Nehls, Physician and Molecular Geneticist, returns to The HighWire with shocking stats on vitamin D’s proven health effects on COVID-19 patients and how health regulators world wide censored this life saving information from the public from the early days of the pandemic. He also discusses lithium orotate, and how it may be helpful in treating those suffering from and at risk for the debilitating conditions of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

JAMA Bombshell: Fluoride in Pregnancy Linked to Worse Child Behavior Outcomes

A groundbreaking study published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has sent shockwaves through the public health community, providing damning evidence that prenatal exposure to fluoride – long added to public water supplies for dental health – may come at a previously unrecognized cost: harming fetal brain development and leading to neurobehavioral problems in children. The findings add to a growing body of research challenging fluoride’s safety, especially for vulnerable pregnant women and their developing babies.

In a cohort study of 229 mother-child pairs, researchers found that higher levels of fluoride exposure during pregnancy were significantly associated with increased neurobehavioral problems in children by age 3.1 For each 0.68 mg/L increase in maternal urinary fluoride levels, children had nearly double the odds of total neurobehavioral issues reaching the borderline clinical or clinical range.2

Specifically, higher prenatal fluoride levels were tied to a 2.29-point increase in internalizing problem scores, including emotional reactivity, anxiety, withdrawal, and somatic complaints, as well as a 2.14-point increase in total neurobehavioral problem scores.3 Children of mothers with greater fluoride exposure were also rated higher on symptoms related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. As the authors note, these effect sizes are concerning given the relatively low fluoride levels in the study sample, which are typical for fluoridated areas in the US.4.  Read more… 
For more on Fluoride see Special Report F
luoridation of Water

Magnesium Deficiency: The Silent Killer Linked to a 4x Higher Death Rate

You may religiously pop your daily vitamins and pride yourself on eating a balanced diet, but could you still be deficient in a mineral as essential as magnesium? A staggering 50% of Americans fail to get enough of this crucial nutrient1–and it may be putting their hearts and lives on the line. But fear not, dear reader, for science has unveiled a potential solution: a shiny new tool called the Magnesium Depletion Score (MDS) that could crack the code on your magnesium status and help you sidestep serious health consequences. Strap in as we embark on a journey to unravel the magnesium mystery and explore how this simple score could be the key to a healthier heart and a longer life.

The Magnesium Deficiency Dilemma

Magnesium, the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body,2 plays a starring role in over 300 biochemical reactions.3 From regulating muscle and nerve function to keeping your heart rhythm steady, magnesium is the unsung hero of your health. But despite its undeniable importance, many of us simply aren’t getting enough.

In fact, a staggering half of the US population falls short of the Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) for magnesium.4 This widespread deficiency has been linked to a host of health issues, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even death. The problem? Identifying magnesium deficiency can be trickier than finding a needle in a haystack.  Read more… 

Statin Drugs Laid the Groundwork for COVID-19

Colleen Huber: My hypothesis is that the massive, population-wide lowering of cholesterol among the American public leading up to 2019 set the stage for vulnerability to the novel pathogen SARS‑CoV‑2, the virus that causes COVID-19. This weakening of people’s defenses turned what could have and should have been a nuisance common cold into a very difficult and dangerous illness for those who were older, obese, or who suffered from multiple chronic illnesses…..

Before the COVID-19 vaccines and their abysmal efficacy and hazards, statin drugs had the worst benefit-to-risk ratio of any class of drugs. Even when viewed in the most favorable light, even among studies that were already biased pro-statin, it was found that, over five years, statins could, at best, offer three to four additional days of life. That’s it; in the most favorable circumstances: three or four days more over a five-year period.

Statin makers have never made their data available to the public, and regulators have helped them hide it from outside observers.

Clinicians have complained for many years about their patients’ reactions to statins. One writes: “Ever since the statins hit the market, colleagues and I began observing case after case of individuals who lost sensation in their body, developed muscle pains, or had cognitive decline set in once they started the statin, which immediately resolved once they stopped the statin.”

Statins are the biggest fraud in modern medicine,” wrote Dr. David Brownstein on his blog in 2015.   Read more…

Pfizer/BioNTech C4591001 Trial – Audit Report – v1 (2024-05-31): Reanalysis of the Data and Anomalies Inventoried

This review aims to address significant anomalies and discrepancies that have surfaced from the examination of the data from the Pfizer/BioNTech C4591001 trial, which could have profound implications for public trust and regulatory standards, should they not be adequately and transparently investigated.  Read more…

Moderna Receives U.S. FDA Approval for mRNA RSV Vaccine mRESVIA(R)

Approval of Synthetic mRNA Product for Public Use with No Genotoxicity, Oncogenicity, or Long-Term Safety Studies 

Our great concern was that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines ushered in the context of an emergency would set a new precedent for more genetic vaccines that depart from all safety standards set forth previously by the US FDA. On May 31, 2024, Moderna received FDA approval for their mRNA RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) Vaccine mRESVIA(R). There was no FDA Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) meeting to deliberate over this unprecedented milestone for this product class and Moderna’s first entry to compete on the healthcare market. This FDA licensure was granted without the full dossier of safety information required for a routine approval including 2-3 years of observation for standard vaccines, and at least 5 to 15 years of observation for genetic transfer technology.  Read more.. 

mRNA Vaccinated Have 5-15 Years of Health Concerns over Emerging Side-Effects

In clinical practice, we are seeing new side effects emerging 3 years after vaccination in 2021.  Because they are long-lasting, synthetic genetic code, all mRNA products will have a regulatory window of concern of 5-15 years after injection.  That means all safety events occurring over this period should be carefully evaluated for their relationship to the mRNA administered

Experts Are Working Hard To Make Insects Part of Your Diet”: New Study Recommends
Hiding Insect “Flour” in Popular Foods

A paper presented at the recent European Congress on Obesity, in Venice, Italy, revealed that only 13% of UK adults indicated they were willing to consume insects on a regular basis, with 47% saying they would not do so under any circumstances.

The researchers found that perceptions about eating insects were generally negative, with participants anticipating lower levels of enjoyment and taste than other foods.

The researchers found, however, that incorporating insect “flour” into processed foods such as bread, pasta and pizza, could help overcome sensations of disgust associated with eating insect products.

Insect flour is already being added to products like energy bars and snack chips.  Read more…

US Military whistleblower LT Scott Bennet drops bombshell on Ukrainian Bio-weapons Labs:

“It originally started in 2005 with the Defence Intelligence Agency…which created a 501 C3…called the Global Viral Forecasting Institute…with a Mossad Operative named Nathan Wolfe…which became Metabiota. 

This was funded by Rosemont , an investment firm, where Hunter Biden was the head of…along with Christopher Heinz (John Kerry’s son) and Paul Pelosi…Nancy Pelosi’s son. 

The West has been developing this under Obama and Biden for the last 10 years for the purposes of generating Biological and Chemical Warfare to use against the Russians, which is why they’ve been collecting DNA samples from Slavic People. Revelations of a Massive War Crime…Crimes Against Humanity …as it’s a violation of the Global Biological Weapons Agreement. 

This shows America with its 30 BIOLABS in Ukraine was involved in the experimentation on Human to Animal Transmission…which is precisely the origin of ‘Covid-19’.”

Rishi Sunak’s Dodgy Financial Relationship with Moderna

It has just been discovered that the Facebook Covid vaccine Fat-Checkers are funded by vaccine companies

Unelected EU technocrats are deliberately robbing native Europeans of their national and cultural identities

German MEP Christine Anderson: More and more people are waking up to the fact that unelected EU technocrats are deliberately robbing native Europeans of their national and cultural identities, as part of the globalist agenda to establish a totalitarian one world government.

Tucker Carlson interviews President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador.  He shares on seeking God’s wisdom, taking down MS-13, and his advice to Donald Trump from what he has learnt in reducing the crime rate significantly and turning the county around so that people are returning there to live and the economy is booming.

What effect will a worldwide 5G network with its thousands of satellites have on all life and on Earth itself?

5G rollout began in the UK in 2019.  Most of the UK was expected to have 5G coverage by 2022. However, the rollout has been affected by factors such as limited investment and disruption from the ban on Huawei kit.

EE has extended its 5G mobile broadband coverage to 14 new UK areas, with its network already covering over 50% of the UK population.  EE’s 5G is live in over 50% of the UK population, and the plan is to cover the whole country by 2028.

All four other major UK mobile networks have launched 5G services, with technology firms also rolling out 5G-ready devices.

UK health authorities have consistently declared that 5G is safe for use.  But is it?

Citizen scientist Shawn Loomis has written an essay explaining how 5G works; the ill effects it and its accompanying network of satellites will have on the electromagnetic shield of the Earth and how, by explaining the theory behind quantum biology and the fourth phase of water, a blanket of man-made electromagnetic frequencies will affect our bodies, minds and the world we live in.  Read more…

Time of Deceit 

Produced by Jon Herold of Badlands Media and Adam Riva of Dauntless Dialogue, Time of Deceit dials into the lesser known history of the mainstream media and its unholy marriage with the U.S. Security State and Intelligence Community. The legacy media institutions can accurately be described as the propaganda arms of the State, and we bring the receipts.

Awakening Interviews: Lieutenant Colonel Riccardo Bosi

What it takes to start a new political party and to move away from what has gone before whilst at the same time dealing with a people who are not ready or willing to take responsibility and the need to return to values and human decency.

Future Dreaming

This film has beautiful cinematography of Antartica as David Martin  explores the narratives that drive our economic, social and political thinking and offers a new way of understanding the Human Condition, as he references quotes from Adam Smith in 1776 and how the language used as kept us trapped. He suggests what’s missing in the modern world is not goals or values or good intentions. What’s missing is the ability to dream – to envision a world in which your dreams and your reality are one.

Solar Flare

6th June 2024, Andrew McCarthy took this photo of the sun from his backyard: “Here’s a detailed look at the violent active region on the sun that has continued to flare for several weeks now. This was captured from my backyard just a few moments ago. This Sunspot is now Earth facing- so any CMEs produced are more likely to impact Earth’s magnetosphere.”