Star Quest Hotel and GEMSTONE Media Studios

There is an opportunity to purchase a tract of land right in the center of the Las Vegas to develop PanTerraVida Gemstone Media Studios destination resort and working environment with studios, sound stages, production facilities, two office buildings, hotel, permanent showcase area for our projects, technologies, media, education, and much more.  (Where the usual hotel/casino environment has glitzy fashion stores and the usual consumer environment, ours will be a window into the new world and the rebuilding and healing of the planet).  There will be theatres and auditoriums for our media content, world premieres, conference center, libraries, museums, healing center, stores with products for health and rejuvenation, and more.

Imagine walking into this environment that exudes a presence of peace and health, with none of the usual trappings of a Vegas extravaganza (gambling, alcohol, cacophony, stress and strain pretending to be fun), but rather an energetic feeling that uplifts the soul and heals the spirit and body.  All the hotel rooms will have organic bedding and will be a place for refuge and retreat.  The water will be pure and the air filled with scents that clear the mind and balance the body.

Our showcase hotel will be called Star Quest because that is the name of our international society for our ventures in mining for gemstones and diamonds and mineral specimens, the theme of which is “Bringing brilliance and beauty to you from around the Galaxy!” Inspire by the song “The Impossible Dream”.