Dr Thorp: “Shedding” is Real, DNA Damage to Unborn Generations is Real

Excellent mini-documentary on how VP @ Mike_Pence and the Deep State orchestrated the biggest public health disaster in a century, by @ Robmontz.

Landmark Study: Topical Frankincense Relieves Knee Osteoarthritis Pain and Stiffness

Can a centuries-old natural remedy from traditional medicine offer new hope for those suffering from the pain and stiffness of knee osteoarthritis?
Osteoarthritis (OA), a degenerative joint disorder characterized by pain, inflammation, and reduced mobility, affects millions worldwide, with the knee being one of the most commonly impacted sites.1 Current pharmacological treatments often come with serious side effects, leaving patients seeking safer, natural alternatives.1,2 Now, an exciting study published in BMC Research Notes offers new evidence that frankincense, an aromatic resin used in traditional medicine for centuries, may be a viable treatment option for this prevalent condition.  Read more…

Alternative, Integrative Cancer Treatments

The tidal wave of turbo cancers after the Covid jabs is wreaking havoc on people’s lives, particularly in younger people who are getting cancers rarely seen in that age group before the jabs. Surely big pharma and oncologists are salivating over the billions of dollars they can make using their toxic treatment methods such as chemotherapy and radiation.
Cancer is the bogeyman everybody fears. A cancer diagnosis and prognosis usually turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy because we believe cancer will cause our death. A doctor telling a patient the bad news causes a nocebo effect and puts the Law of Attraction to work. If the patient believes that he will die, he will die. It is quite unnecessary to die from cancer. It is also not true that cancer can’t be cured. What kills most patients is not the cancer but their belief and the treatment—orthodox treatment, that is. Oncologists expose patients to many sessions of chemotherapy, killing first and foremost the immune system and the gut—the two most important tissues necessary for the body to fight cancer.  Read more…

Replacing Benzocaine with Clove Gel: A Natural Approach to Topical Anesthesia

A simple gel made from a common kitchen spice could revolutionize the way we manage pain by displacing the need for a common anesthetic drug, according to a groundbreaking new study

A randomized controlled trial compared the effectiveness of a homemade clove gel to benzocaine 20% gel as topical anesthetics before needle injections. The study found that clove gel was as effective as benzocaine in reducing pain, suggesting that this natural herb could be a viable alternative to synthetic topical anesthetics.

Nature’s Answer to Pain-Free Injections: Clove Oil as a Topical Anesthetic

For many people, the prospect of getting a needle injection can be daunting, especially when considering the pain that often accompanies the procedure. Traditionally, healthcare providers have relied on synthetic topical anesthetics like benzocaine to minimize this discomfort. However, a recent study by Alqareer, Alyahya, and Andersson has shed light on a natural alternative that may be just as effective: clove oil.   Read more…

Reprise: Astra Zeneca leaked audio reveals Covid was, and continues to be, a DOD operation to kill Americans. 

Former Pharma R&D Executive, Sasha Latypova returns to the show to expose DOD contracts with pharma for mass genocide of the American people, Robert Malone’s obsession with the manipulated definition of pandemic, and receipts on the regulatory crimes and fraud that led to the illegal release of the mRNA poison.

GUEST: Sasha Latypova https://open.substack.com/pub/sashalatypova/p/audio-leaked-from-astrazeneca-covid?

Vibe Shift

It’s hard to say exactly how long it’s taken for the eponymous vibe to shift, but everyone knows it’s happening. For at least the last six months, not a day has gone by when I haven’t seen something, heard a statement, read a post, or had a conversation with someone that doesn’t leave me completely shocked—in a good way.

“This would not have happened a year ago. Vibe shift.”

The Vibe Shift I’m talking about is the speaking of previously unspeakable truths, the noticing of previously suppressed facts. I’m talking about the give you feel when the walls of Propaganda and Bureaucracy start to move as you push; the very visible dust kicked up in the air as Experts and Fact Checkers scramble to hold on to decaying institutions; the cautious but electric rush of energy when dictatorial edifices designed to stifle innovation, enterprise, and thought are exposed or toppled.  Read more…

Here is the bright side of a dark time

Nigel Farage discusses Scotlands Hate Speech Law

Louisiana Rejects WHO-WEF Power Grab

The Canadian Government’s War On Supplements

Automobile ‘Bidenvilles’ Are The New Shantytowns Amid US Housing Affordability Crisis

When people couldn’t afford housing during the Great Depression, they built shantytowns from scrap construction supplies and named them “Hoovervilles,” after President Herbert Hoover. Today, Americans increasingly live out of their cars because they can’t afford housing. If history is any guide, will parking lots full of Americans soon be known as “Bidenvilles”?

The problem has gotten so bad that Sedona, Arizona, recently set aside a parking lot exclusively for these homeless workers. The city is even installing toilets and showers for the new occupants.
Apparently, the City Council thought installing temporary utilities was cheaper than solving the area’s cost-of-living crisis.
And what a crisis it is.
The average home in the city sells for $930,000, while most of the housing available for rent is not apartments, but luxury homes targeted at wealthy people on vacation.  Read more…

Bird Flu: Real Threat or Profit-motivated Fearmongering?

As the media ramp up concerns about a potential H5N1 bird flu pandemic, some analysts questioned the motives behind the alarmist narratives, pointing to the financial incentives of vaccine manufacturers and controversial U.S. government-funded gain-of-function research on the virus.

Growing concerns about the potential for a devastating bird flu pandemic are driving increased media coverage, including claims that bird flu could be “100 times worse than Covid.”

But a closer examination suggests the level of alarm may be premature, and some argue that fearmongering is motivated by profit.   Read more…

Geoengineering Test Quietly Launches Salt Crystals into Atmosphere

A solar geoengineering experiment in San Francisco could lead to brighter clouds that reflect sunlight. The risks are numerous CLIMATEWIRE | The nation’s first outdoor test to limit global warming by increasing cloud cover launched Tuesday from the deck of a decommissioned aircraft carrier in the San Francisco Bay.
The experiment, which organizers didn’t widely announce to avoid public backlash, marks the acceleration of a contentious field of research known as solar radiation modification. The concept involves shooting substances such as aerosols into the sky to reflect sunlight away from the Earth.  Read more…

Makia Freeman ~ The International Satanic Network Exposed

Makia Freeman has written a new fascinating book “THE INTERNATIONAL SATANIC NETWORK EXPOSED”, and he shares the complex details of how the network operates with Age Of Truth TV Investigative Reporter and Presenter, Lucas Alexander. He provides insightful, non-partisan, unique and cutting-edge analysis on who’s running the world, how they’re doing it and what the deeper agenda is – as well as solutions for restoring peace and freedom to the world.