Solar eclipses are a spectacular phenomenon that occur some where in the world at least twice a year. They always create a bit of a stir as only a narrow window of the world gets to see totality when the moon completely blocks the sun, so in any given place they are quite rare and amazing to see.

“For many people in ancient times, a total solar eclipse generated fear. They thought the world would end or a great evil would follow. 
Myths often involved a beast trying to destroy the Sun with the fate of Earth hanging in the balance—or, a Sun-god becoming angry, sad, or sick.” (Solar Eclipse Folklore)

This years solar eclipse travels across the North America from Mexico to Canada on April 8th. The last one to cross the United State went across from west to east in August 2017.  Exciting to see, but was otherwise a normal day.  

What’s weird about this one is the amount of scare mongering going on.  No lorries are allowed on the roads of Texas on the 8th, they are warning of 12 hour traffic jams in New York, schools are closing, the National Guard are being mobilised in several states and some are declaring a state emergency.

They are also launching rockets into the moon shadow and restarting CERN after a long break.

The big question is WHY?

Is it a repeat of Y2K where we were warned that at the turn of the millennium we would loose all internet connections and the world would go dark? Religious organisations are suggesting what is going to happen is of biblical proportions and was forecasted in the bible or is the eclipse being used for a false flag, Project Bluebeam event, A giant distraction to “pratice” Martial Law or as a cover for White Hat operations?
Anything could happen so be prepared.

What Is a solar eclipse? Your questions answered.

In a total solar eclipse the Moon completely blocks out the Sun, and viewers are completely in the Moon’s shadow. While the Sun is blocked out, its wispy outer atmosphere, known as the corona, becomes visible.  Read more…

U.S. Intelligence Officials Are Warning To Avoid Large Gatherings During The Solar Eclipse

U.S. intelligence officials are warning of violence targeting mass gatherings days before millions gather to watch the eclipse.

The FBI and Homeland Security are increasingly worried about threats from ISIS and “lone wolfs” in the U.S.
The intel bulletin specifically warns people to be cautious at “mass gatherings such as sports stadiums, concert venues, or houses of worship in the United States.”
The warning is similar to the one U.S. officials gave in Russia on March 7, warning U.S. citizens to stay away from large gatherings for 48 hours due to “imminent plans” from extremists.

Signs of the Artificer Archaix Interpretation of 2024 Eclipse

Jason Breshears on how this eclipse fits into calendrics, the significance of its attachment to the concepts of ancient Assyria, Nineveh, signs in the heavens, the Israelite prophet Jonah and the city of Joppa. The connection to the Phoenix phenomenon, pattern of quakes and enigmas mentioned by Pliny the Elder 2000 years ago that refer to this phenomenon. Future-past patterning, crypto-politics and the Great Deceit unfolding before your eyes. I say it all the time- you live in the Simulacrum, and the evidence of it’s artificiality is everywhere. This will not be a popular interpretation by Christian fundamentalists, for they have already fallen for the very deception that this particular sign is a warning against.

Harbinger of the Second Seal 4-8-2024 Artificer Part II

The first eclipse video was a series of accidental discoveries. But this video is focused research with astounding output. All the world’s a stage and the Elite have been busy with their rituals. Get ready for some gut-punching truths that will have you going back to my First Seal Broken video. Apollo Pharmakeia now deceives the world as Apollo Helios.

Counter-PsyOps on America Archaix Analysis of Info War & Target

There are several themes attached to the unfolding April eclipse scenario. After stepping back and taking in the reports, their sources and their content I have identified a series of narratives that are cleverly supported by seemingly random intel drops that support one another leading one to make assumptions based off of the numerous connections. But this is an info war and requires more than two-dimensional thinking. PsyOps are real, being conducted now, have many moving parts and participants and now I’ve detected counter-psyops at play that reinforce the connections I made in my prior eclipse videos. Join me on a dive into the world of psychological warfare operations. Remember, one who is properly informed is not easily deceived.

The Moon Learn What Others are Afraid to Know

Let’s do a final assessment of all that we know and eliminate the bad data, the hyperbole, fear programming and get down to pure expectations regarding the eclipse in two days.


The upcoming eclipse is going to be the darkest ritual ever performed.

The controllers are planning to extract a lot of energy during the eclipse and destroy the energy grid, causing a disruption in cellular networks.

They aim to cause panic and fear among the people, harvesting that energy to power up the virtual reality program.

The people are unaware that they will be the source of the controllers’ agenda.

They will become living sacrifices and experience the most intense emotions they have ever felt in the virtual reality program.

The eclipse is not what the people have been led to believe. It is a time when the controllers harvest energy from the people, an energetic event that occurs annually for the controllers to extract huge amounts of energy.

The eclipse will be another opportunity for the controllers to power up the virtual reality program, which cannot function without energy from the people.” (The17LetterQ)


“NASA will launch three rockets at the eclipse on April 8, a project called the Atmospheric Perturbations Around The Eclipse Path, or APEP, which is the name of an Egyptian serpent deity that eats the sun and embodies chaos. Apep is also called Apophis, which is where the word Apophenia comes from. Ironically, Apophenia is the name given to the beginning stages of schizophrenia where everything is perceived as synchronistic. Is this ritual causing mass psychosis?” (@NickHintonn)

Solar Eclipse to See NASA Send Rockets Into Moon’s Shadow

When America’s eyes turn to the skies for the solar eclipse, keen-eyed viewers in Virginia may catch a glimpse of something else—rockets streaking into the moon’s shadow.
NASA is set to launch three of the instrument-laden probes on April 8, with the goal of studying how the temporary blocking of sunlight affects part of the upper atmosphere. The so-called sounding rockets will each blast off from the space agency’s Wallops Flight Facility, one 45 minutes before, one during, and the last 45 minutes after the local peak eclipse.
The trio will soar into the ionosphere, a region 55 to 310 miles above the Earth’s surface where, in the day, particles are electrically charged, or “ionized,” by radiation from the sun.

“It’s an electrified region that reflects and refracts radio signals, and also impacts satellite communications as the signals pass through,” explained mission leader and engineering physicist professor Aroh Barjatya, of Florida’s Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  Read more…



CERN to test world’s most powerful particle accelerator during April’s  solar eclipse  to search for ‘invisible’ matter that secretly powers our universe

The world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator is set smash protons together on April 8 to search for invisible particles secretly powering our universe.
Theories have suggested there are 17 different particle groups and the European Organization for Nuclear Research, better known as CERN, confirmed the existence of one using its Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in 2012.
Now, the team has restarted the LHC after a two-year hibernation with hopes of unraveling more mysterious – specifically dark matter.  Read more…

CERN, and the ‘God Particle’

We recently learned that the large particle accelerator, or Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN ready to once again smash protons together, and they’ve chosen a very special date to do so: April 8, the date of the solar eclipse.
We’ve been reporting on CERN since 2022. CERN is the world’s largest and most powerful particle collider. The collider is buried 574 feet underground, is nearly 17 miles long, and it is located in a circular underground tunnel at the Swiss-French. The last time is was activated was April 2022 after a three-year break.
For more background, read Maryam Henein’s two part article about CERN on The Tenpenny Report (Part 1 and Part 2) is a must read.
What are they looking for?
In the 1960s, scientists had a theory that an original, elementary particle existed, with properties that would give all other particles their masses. On July 4, 2012, a new particle was discovered, and it appeared to be very much like the particle predicted by modeling decades earlier. This particle was like none other than scientists had ever seen; it didn’t have any of the quantum properties of other particles of matter. They named the particle Higgs boson, after the 1960s-era scientists who theorized it, but it is better known as the God particle.  Read  more…

The upcoming Solar Eclipse on April 8th 2024 is going to be MIND BLOWING & BIBLICAL.

The amount of Biblical happening that relates to this Eclipse is pretty mind bending. It will take place on the SAME day as the Egyptian 3 days of darkness, which is one of the 9 Plagues on Egypt from the Bible. It is also taking place on Nisan 1, which is the first day of the Hebrew New Year.

In conjunction with the Solar Eclipse that happened in August 2017, that spanned over the whole US over many towns with the name “Salem”. The town of Jerusalem was originally just “Salem”.

This time, the path of totality will follow over many towns in the US called “Nineveh” making an “X”.

What’s MOST interesting here, it’s that the way the eclipse takes this time will coincide with a series of Biblical named towns – Cross, Elijah, Enoch, Flood, Groom, Israel, Jonah, Nineveh, Noah & Rapture.

Interestingly…Rapture, IN is the center point of the “X” where BOTH eclipse paths will have crossed. (Before Our Time)

Solar Eclipse gets even MORE SPOOKY: The Vatican, Reptiles, Resurrection, NASA, CERN, demon portals and cosmic warfare

National Guard Deployment

Niagara Falls declares ‘state of emergency’ ahead of solar eclipse viewing

Canada’s Niagara region has declared a state of emergency as it prepares for an estimated one million tourists to descend on the area for an imminent total solar eclipse.
Niagara Falls, situated on the US border, is along the path of totality for the eclipse, making it one of the best places to view the rare event on April 8.
In preparation for the influx of visitors, Jim Bradley, Niagara Region chairman, declared a state of emergency “out of an abundance of caution” to prepare for this “once-in-a-lifetime event”.  Read more…

National Guard to Be Deployed for Solar Eclipse 2024

Oklahoma’s National Guard is set to be deployed for the upcoming total solar eclipse, when as many as 100,000 people are expected to visit one county.
In a statement on Tuesday, the guard said it would assist emergency management to cope with “an unprecedented number of tourists” on April 8 in McCurtain County, in the southeast of the state.

The guard will provide first responders as well as units with hazmat response capabilities in case of an incident like an industrial fire.
Lt. Col Jabonn Flurry, commander of the 63rd Civil Support Team, said: “This influx of visitors has the potential to overtax local resources and thanks to the training and experience our Guardsmen have working alongside local agencies all across Oklahoma, the CST is uniquely qualified to support our fellow Oklahomans.”  Read more…


Possible Nuclear Disaster During Solar Eclipse

Horned ‘devil comet’ visible in sky for the first time in 71 years can be seen during April eclipse

A comet that hasn’t been seen in decades will be visible in April.
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration said comets are the frozen leftovers resulting from a formation of the solar system that are composed of dust and rock.  Read more…

Since the creation of our nation in 1776, there have only been 8 Solar Eclipses that have gone over the WHOLE US, and ONLY during a time of WAR.

Two during the Revolutionary War.

Three during the Civil War.

Two during the Vietnam War.

One in 2017, and now in 2024.

Does this mean that war is coming to, or will involve America? (JFK Awakening Q17)

April’s solar eclipse could lead to over 1,000 car crash deaths, shock study warns

* Scientists warn fatal car crashes could rise by 50% following the solar eclipse
* Roughly 3.7 million people are expected to travel to the best viewing regions
* In 2017, there was an overall 31% increase in fatal car crashes
Read more…


Solar eclipse 2024: A traveller’s guide to the best places to be when the light goes out

On 8 April 2024, a total solar eclipse will sweep across North America, providing an astronomical experience in many alluring locations.
Only a tiny proportion of humanity has ever witnessed a total eclipse – but tens of millions of people will be able to experience one as the “path of totality” sweeps from the Pacific to the Atlantic during the course of that magical Monday.  Read more…

Afraid of the dark? Why Canadian schools are closing for the solar eclipse

As North America prepares for a once-in-a-lifetime solar event, school districts across eastern Canada are weighing potential learning opportunities against possible risks, with most coming down solidly on the side of safety.

Many school boards are making arrangements to ensure students are not at school during the total solar eclipse on April 8, cancelling classes or opting for early dismissal. They cite concerns that kids might damage their eyes by looking directly at the sun, or that the mid-afternoon darkness will make their trek home dangerous.  Read more…


INTEL COMING OUT RE POSSIBLE ATTEMPT WILL BE MADE TO OPEN A PORTAL during the ECLIPSE AND LET IN CERTAIN ALIEN GROUP TO attack ala Project Blue Beam which is supposed to be a fake alien invasion scenario that in theory could involve real aliens… playing their part… One soldier in SPACE FORCE who rebelled against this effort being held in confinement at this time. CERN opens portals all the time… and could be involved in this effort and the missles NASA is planning on shooting would be to OPEN a portal or forced effort to pierce a hold through the Van Allen Belt to aid in this operation… DEVELOPING STORY. (Project Camelot)

Kentucky declared state of emergency.
West Virginia declared state of emergency.
Ontario Canada declared state of emergency.
Arkansas declared state of emergency.
Killeen TX declared state of emergency.
Ohio declared state of emergency.
Missouri County declared state of emergency.
Charleston County is gearing up to declare state of emergency.
Jackson County in Kansas City declared state of emergency.

People have you ever seen this many cities declare an emergency within 24 hrs? We are in uncharted waters right now. There is so much coming in all directions.

This is why you all need to prioritize the more important areas in your life at this time and consider being less visible and more cognizant.

Double down on things you think can carry you over safely into the new system. We are still on a shaky bridge and have not officially crossed over to the other side of this system. We have a lot to look forward to.

But we also have a lot that can cause a lot of damage along the way. And this is what will determine how we manage ourselves and resources once things escalate out if normal routine into chaotic waters.

So just be mindful of things going forward and pay attention to what is going on. This year will not go out without a bang.


David Sereda is an inventor, author, film-maker, technology inventor and thought leader. David is a rare keynote speaker that has extraordinary spiritual enlightenment as well as advanced scientific and technological know-how. He gives a very detailed theory on the path of the eclipse and a planet that is actually part of it..possibly Nibiru and biblical numerological connections. Excellent analysis.


A musing about eclipse prognostic fervor


Not many of people are aware of it — but a rare celestial event is taking place in 2024. A second Great American total solar eclipse, with the first one ocurring back in 2017. Total solar eclipses are common, but their visibility varies depending on the location. Any given location on Earth might experience a total solar eclipse once every 100 years which makes seeing the event relatively rare. The chance of two total solar eclipses intersecting at the same location is also rare. On average, it’s estimated that two total solar eclipses will intersect at the same location approximately once every 375 years. This makes the intersection of the two Great American total solar eclipses between 2017 and 2024 rare because their intersection will occur over 7 years. This is not just rare for America; it’s unprecedented. The path of totality of the Great American eclipses intersects and passes through some interesting locations. The 2024 eclipse will pass through several locations named “Ninevah”. Nineveh is described in Genesis as having been founded by Nimrod, the giant hunter who built the Tower of Babel and led the world into a rebellion against God. The name Ninevah some have suggested means “House of Ishtar”. Ishtar was the deification of Semiramis, Nimrod’s other half. Ishtar was associated with the colour red, which might explain why there’s such an abundance of red symbolism with artists in their music videos, perhaps venerating Ishtar. The exact location where the Great American eclipses intersect is the village of Makanda which is home to “Giant City State”. The name Makanda in Sanskrit means “Woman of Power”. The 20th-century slogan for Makanda was the “Star of Egypt” which is the 5-pointed star that has connections to Venus and Sirius. Venus and Sirus were represented by the goddess Isis. In her book ‘The Great American Writing on the Wall’, AC Katz argues that the name “Woman of Power” has Biblical implications and could be pointing us to the woman as described in the Book of Revelation, who some researchers have connected to Isis (also known as Ishtar).  Read more…

CERN and The Return of the Nephilim

CERN, The Large Hadron Collider and the Supernatural. There is a strange convergence between modern science and ancient gods of the old world. What is really going on here?

The Cult of the Eclipse | Robert Sepehr

Eclipses have inspired fear and awe among civilizations throughout history. In this video I explain its occult esoteric significance and how that relates to the cult that covertly rules the world.


This map depicts the Chaldean saros cycle of total solar eclipses. The April 8 2024 solar eclipse can not be seen cutting across North America.

First discovered by an unknown Babylonian astronomer 2½ millennia ago. They understood that eclipses come in cycles that are 6585.3211 days or 18 years, 11 days, and 8 hours in length — which equals one saros period.

The Soul War And The Traps Within & The Eclipse!

Solar Eclipse: Elon Musk shares footage of phenomenon as seen from orbit

Starlink posted footage on X of the solar eclipse as seen from the camera feed of one of their satellites in orbit.  Watch …

Lively gathering at Niagara Falls cheers on total solar eclipse


Massive solar flares erupted as the total solar eclipse occurred

Total solar eclipse 2024 highlights: Rare phenomenon darkens North America’s skies

A total eclipse of the Sun plunged a stretch of North America into darkness on Monday, with millions of spectators across the US, Mexico and Canada hoping to catch a glimpse of the rare event.

It was North America’s biggest eclipse crowd ever, with the path of totality crossing directly over 44 million people. Watch and read…

Stunning images of solar eclipse that transfixed North America


Stunning images of solar eclipse that transfixed North America

Timelapse footage of total solar eclipse from Burlington, Vermont and view from a plane

Look what RETURNED just in time for the ECLIPSE!

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