One of our first GEMA Special Reports in December was on Dr Anthony Fauci and the part he had played in the COVID plandemic. 

Dr Fauci was head of the United States National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) during the COVID plandemic and was behind many of the draconian policies implemented within the United States and around the world.  Not only is he behind many of the policies behind COVID but also played a big part in AIDs and SARS-cov1.  Fauci served under President Trump as one of the lead members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. His advice was frequently contradicted by Trump, and Trump’s supporters alleged that Fauci was trying to politically undermine Trump’s run for reelection. After Joe Biden took office, he served as one of the lead members of the White House COVID-19 Response Team and as Biden’s chief medical advisor.

He retired from NIAID in December 2022 and stated that he is not retiring in the classical sense, but rather moving on to the next phase of his career and plans to devote himself to traveling, writing, and encouraging young people to enter government service. He also intends to write a memoir and continue to advance science and public health.

Many doctors, scientists and people are calling for him to be arrested and charged for crimes against humanity. 

On June 3, 2024,  Dr. Fauci was on Capitol Hill to answer questions from a United States Senate  committee. “Democratic members poured praise on Fauci for “being a hero” and “saving millions of lives” while questions from Republican congressmen were pointed and accusatory.” Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH 

This weeks appearance before a Senate Committee could be the first step to full indictment.  Doctor Martin in an interview following this hearing suggests the House Select Committee is a cover up as they are unwilling to address the real problem of the state sponsored biological weapons program that they don’t want people to know about.  

NIH FOIA Scandal Blows Wide Open

The shocking revelation that NIH officials were purposely communicating in methods to avoid FOIA’s. Following these discoveries made through Senior Advisor to the Deputy Director of NIAID, David Morens, testimony in Congress and emails, we now know that Francis Collins and other senior officials at NIH used encrypted non-governmental email accounts, and replaced letters of scientists with symbols to avoid having to disclose their communications to the public. All eyes are on Tony Fauci who is set to testify publicly this Monday for the first time since this scandal broke

Dr. Fauci must fork over ‘secret back channel’ communications on COVID origins after his top aide admitted skirting federal transparency laws, demand Republicans

30th May: Republicans told Dr. Anthony Fauci to cough up personal emails and phone records Wednesday after his former top aide revealed he had a ‘secret back channel’ to the pandemic patriarch.

Dr. David Morens, Fauci’s former aide, testified last week that he used his personal email for work and had a clandestine way to communicate with Fauci to insulate him from ‘stuff that could cause trouble.’

When lawmakers pressed Morens on whether he had sent information related to COVID to Fauci’s personal email, the former advisor cagily conceded ‘I may have.’ 

‘This new evidence raises serious concerns about public health officials behaving as if they are unaccountable to the American people they serve,’ the committee wrote on X, adding it ‘plans to hold Dr. Fauci and his team accountable.’ 

The House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic suggests that the records they requested from Fauci could reveal COVID-related corruption.  Read more…

REVEALED: Dr. Anthony Fauci confesses he ‘made up’ covid rules including
6 feet social distancing and masking kids

Bombshell testimony from Dr. Anthony Fauci reveals he made up the six foot social distancing rule and other measures to ‘protect’ Americans from covid.

Republicans put out the full transcript of their sit down interview with Fauci from January just days before his highly-anticipated public testimony on Monday. 

They plan to grill him about covid restrictions he put in place, that he admitted didn’t do much to ‘slow the spread’ of the virus. 

Kids’ learning loss and social setbacks have been well documented, with one National Institute of Health (NIH) study calling the impact of mask use on students’ literacy and learning ‘very negative.’

And the impacts from social distancing caused ‘depression, generalized anxiety, acute stress, and intrusive thoughts,’ another NIH study found. 


Dr Fauci Senate Hearing 3rd June 2024

Restream of the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic’s Hearing with Dr. Anthony Fauci, held  June 3rd, on Capitol Hill.
(Start at 18 mins)

During today’s Congressional hearing, Georgia House Representative, Dr. Dean R. McCormick, gave persuasive testimony and played compelling audio files of Dr. Anthony Fauci exposing Fauci’s true intentions behind the COVID-19 mandates, which was to get Americans to abandon our values and ideologies.

This doctor exposes the criminal communist tactics of The Sinister Dr Fauci. The reason why Fauci is not in prison is because, as a lifer government employee, he is above the law. Absolutely despicable.

Excess deaths in numerous Western countries around the world
that were caused Fauci

People who refused to get vaccinated for any variety of reasons are probably responsible for an additional 200,000 to 300,000 deaths
in this country

Dr. Fauci DEFENDS every single bad COVID policy he pushed.

Dr. Fauci still defends:

• Business closures
• Church closures
• School closures
• Stay-at-home orders
• Mask mandates for adults
• Mask mandates for children
• Mask mandates for children under five in the face of no scientific evidence for doing so
• Vaccine mandates for employees, students, and military, despite failure to stop transmission.

Rep. Jim Jordan: “Do you agree that there was a push to downplay the lab leak theory?”

Anthony Fauci: “Not on my part!”

Rep. Jim Jordan: “Really? Wow. I think most of the country would find that amazing.” 

Fauci: “Look at the facts. I’ve kept an open mind throughout the entire process.” 

Fauci Feels The Heat On Capitol Hill

Still unsure that everything is a scripted show?

How do Ivan Raiklin and A J6 defendant both just “happen” to get seated behind Fauci while he’s being grilled?

Just “happens” to be that they ended up there and were able to troll him with facial expressions (now going viral on X) all day?

Just another “coincidence” right? 

Dr. David Martin Reveals How Global Drug Cartels Control Our Military, Governments & World

More on Dr Fauci

Fauci’s “Guinea Pig Kids” in New York City, in which Foster Care children were used to test
experimental HIV / AIDS drugs

“In New York’s Washington Heights is a 4-story brick building called Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC). This former convent houses a revolving stable of children who’ve been removed from their own homes by the Agency for Child Services. These children are black, Hispanic and poor. Many of their mothers had a history of drug abuse and have died. Once taken into ICC, the children become subjects of drug trials sponsored by NIAID (National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease, a division of the NIH), NICHD (the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development) in conjunction with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies – GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Genentech, Chiron/Biocine and others”

Read more at The House That AIDS Built

Fauci’s “Guinea Pig Kids” in New York City, in which Foster Care children were used to test experimental HIV / AIDS drugs

“Documentary exposes how the city of New York has been forcing HIV-positive children under its supervision to be used as human guinea pigs in tests for experimental  AIDS drug trials, funded by the NIH”

The Real Anthony Fauci Movie Pt. 1  (Note: The Full Documentary on the Real Anthony Fauci was not found)

The Mysterious Death of Dr Fauci’s Most Notable Critic

Dr Robert Willner warned us about Fauci

The “Fauci Dog Experiments” were formally revealed on Fox News PrimeTime

Fauci Boasted ‘mRNA Is Lethal to Kids’ in Newly Leaked Video

Big Pharma Paid $690 Million To Fauci’s Agency During Pandemic

During the pandemic, the American people started to feel that Big Government was very cozy with Big Pharma. Now we know just how close they were.

New data from the National Institutes of Health reveals the agency and its scientists collected $710 million in royalties during the pandemic, from late 2021 through 2023. These are payments made by private companies, like pharmaceuticals, to license medical innovations from government scientists.

Almost all that cash — $690 million — went to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), the subagency led by Dr. Anthony Fauci, and 260 of its scientists.

Information about this vast private royalty complex is tightly held by NIH. My organization,, was forced to sue to uncover the royalties paid from September 2009 to October 2021, which amounted to $325 million over 56,000 transactions.

We had to sue a second time, with Judicial Watch as our counsel, to pry open this new release.

Payments skyrocketed during the pandemic era: those years saw more than double the amount of cash flow to NIH from the private sector, compared to the prior twelve combined. All told, it’s $1.036 billion.  Read more…