Shocking Testimony Reveals NIH Funding Gain-of-Function Research And Avoiding Freedom of Information Act Requests

As the investigation into the origins and handling of the COVID-19 pandemic takes center stage through congressional hearings, shocking testimony is being revealed to the public. Shockingly, Dr. Lawrence Tabak, principal Deputy Director of the National Institutes of Health, has admitted under oath that NIH was funding gain of function research. In an even more shocking turn, newly released emails from Dr. David Morens, who worked as Senior Advisor to the Director at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases directly under Dr. Anthony Fauci, reveal shocking revelations that senior officials at NIH were purposely using private emails and having in person conversations to avoid FOIA requests. Amidst all of this, HHS has stripped all funding from Peter Daszak, and Eco Health Alliance. 


Conflicts of interest within the medical community have reached record highs as concerns for patient safety and independent scrutiny of Big Pharma products are driven by newly released information showing serious conflicts of interest.

CIA Involved in Manufacturing of COVID Vaccines — Bombshell Report

Moderna’s Covid vaccine was manufactured by a government contractor with close connections to the CIA, FDA and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, according to a bombshell report.

Moderna in 2021 hired and tasked a supposedly new pharmaceutical manufacturing company called National Resilience (Resilience) to make all of their Covid-19 mRNA vaccines.

The company apparently goes by several names, including Nanotherapeutics, Nanosphere Inc, Ology Bioservices, and Government Resilience Services, independent journalist Destiny Rezendes first reported last year.

Investors in Resilience included Google, Lux Capital, Magnetic Ventures and 8VC, and the COO of the company also served as a senior adviser to Pfizer, according to database website Crunchbase.  Read more…

Explosive Hearing: Philippines’ House of Representatives Investigates 290K+ Excess Deaths Correlated with Experimental Vaccines

An explosive hearing unfolded at the Philippines’ House of Representatives, focusing on the concerning increase of over 290,000 excess deaths. As people start to connect the dots to the roll-out of experimental vaccines, heated discussions ensued, revealing shocking testimonies and data.

Attorney Tanya Lat voiced the frustrations of many Filipinos: “There are Filipino people who are sick and tired of how the DOH has let us down, has refused to admit that people are dying, turning a blind eye to the people who are getting sick, turbo cancers, myocarditis, children who are suddenly sick as if they are 60, 70-year-old people.” Her words resonated in the chamber, painting a grim picture of a Department of Health (DOH) that seems indifferent to the suffering caused by the vaccines. “We look into their eyes, there does not seem to be any sympathy for the people who have died, for the people who are now physically disabled because of these vaccines,” she added.

The tension continued as analyst Sally Clark presented alarming statistics: “This is our birth data. And it shows that we have had a loss of babies every single year since the pandemic has started. So 2019 was our last normal birth year. And the last line at the bottom is 2023.”   Read more…

WHO negotiators fail to draft pandemic treaty

Two years of negotiations ended Friday without a final draft of a global agreement on how to best handle the next pandemic that public health officials say is sure to come.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization was asked to write an agreement on how to respond to the inevitable next one and avoid the missteps and disparities of the last one.

“We are not where we hoped we would be when we started this process,” Roland Driece, co-chair of WHO’s negotiating board for the agreement, said Friday.  Read more…

UN/WHO One Health: Precursor to One World Government 

A lot of focus right now is understandably on whether the WHO will be able to get countries to sign on to its WHO Pandemic Treaty (reportedly changing to a WHO Pandemic Agreement). However, the guiding philosophy of One Health behind it could be the real problem. Regardless of whether the Pandemic Agreement gets enough signatures, or whether the IHR Amendments are passed, One Health ideology is already infiltrating the world. Learn more.

One Health Initiative

The One Health Initiative acts as the Secretariat for the One Health High-Level Expert Panel (OHHLEP), acts as the WHO Secretariat of the FAO/UNEP/WHO/WOAH (quadripartite) to support One Health related activities, coordinates interagency engagement and partnership, coordinates WHO internal One Health workplans and facilitates interactions with multiple initiatives on One Health to reduce fragmentation.   Read more…

WHO aims to monitor and control the global food supply

On Wednesday,  the first meeting of the WHO Alliance for Food Safety concluded. The meeting of WHO collaborating centres, UN organisations and donors was convened to support the implementation of the ‘WHO Global Strategy for Food Safety 2022–2030’.

Liberty Counsel Action summarised the initiative: “A new plan for global governance just launched an alliance to control what you eat. The alliance will have authority over what food is being produced, how it will be produced, managed, and inspected – and where the ‘food’ will be distributed.”

This new plan uses the One Health approach.  Last year, David Bell explained that One Health is designed to use fear to control us and justify our restriction, impoverishment and death. It is a cult based on fear of the world and the people who they say poisoned it. And it is baked into WHO’s proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations and Pandemic Treaty.  Read more…


António Guterres Calls for UN to Have the Power to Declare a Crisis and Dictate the Response Worldwide

Award-winning journalist Alex Newman, author of the popular book ‘Deep State’ and the new best-selling book called ‘Indoctrinating Our Children to Death’, says the UN’s quest for total tyrannical control of your life is coming sooner than you could imagine. 

Newman explains: “The bigger story here that people are not paying attention to is the UN is coming together in September … and they are having ‘The Summit of the Future’.  They are telling us they are going to bring out radical drastic reforms in the structure of the UN … and the power of the UN.

“Think of it as the biggest power grab ever at the global level.  The Secretary General of the UN (António Guterres) has put out briefs where he is calling for the UN to be the one world global dictatorship with him at the helm.

“In emergencies, the UN would have all power in emergencies and have all power to oversee emergency response … They say the crisis could be a climate crisis, an economic crisis, an environmental crisis, a pandemic crisis, a black swan crisis, or maybe something from outer space.  Read more…

H5N1 Avian Flu: Everything You Need to Know

Peter Daszak argues the research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology did not constitute gain-of-function research.
Because it fell outside of the 2017 HHS P3CO Framework on gain-of-function research, which only applied to enhancing potential pandemic pathogens—i.e. things that were likely highly virulent in humans already.

So the argument is: the research at WIV did not fit the definition of “enhanced pathogens of pandemic potential” because the bat coronaviruses studied there had not been shown to infect humans.

So in other words, under this 2017 HHS P3CO Framework, altering a virus that’s not infectious in humans to make it highly infectious in humans DID NOT constitute gain-of-function research.

Stupid and Stupider — 5 Examples of the Ongoing Agendized Dumbing-Down of Society

If you are a globalist intending world takeover, what could be a more effective tool in your armoury than to make the populace stupid and stupider without them knowing?
In their ongoing hijack, silent war on humanity, the globalists know that this is an effective way to covertly control the populace.
Unaware that they are being dumbed-down how can the populace ever revolt?
In view of this here are 5 alarming examples indicating the ongoing agendized dumbing-down of society and what needs to be done.

1 – Dumbed-down care of the AI gatekeeper
2 – Radicalizing young people
3 – Dumbed-Down by Censorship and the Suppression of Free Speech 
4 – I.Q.-lowering toxic chemicals   
5 – Food toxicity.

Read more..

Dr David Martin Humanity, 12 senses, A beautiful, vulnerable & empowering conversation

A very interesting and deep conversation between David Martin with Joe and Scott of Truthstream. Humanity is not a classification; humanity is not biology, it’s not biochemistry…. It’s the way you and I treat each other; it’s the way we treat the world around us; its’s the way we show up.” “We are the off spring of the people who watched the heretics burn. We are conditioned to resist anything that doesn’t fit the consensus narrative.”
It includes that in 1774 a group of opium traders decided to corporatise the colonies and turn America into this grand experiment of the first country built on a corporation and it was a drug trade/opium conversation that led to the Declaration of Independence, so what is the great past that we are supposed to return as we were brain washed into this idea of liberty but our currency was built on the drug trade. (seem more in American R/evolution below)
David also looks at the reality on electricity, DNA, RNA, periodic tables, consumerism, doing what’s right, marriage, honour killings and how printing of words in black and white is a form of mind control . He also opens up about the truth of some of the issues he has faced in his life and what it is to be fully human.

American R/evolution

A complex and multifaceted process that transformed the United States from a British colony to an independent nation. The financial and commercial history of the country, as explored in David E. Martin’s documentary, highlights the importance of understanding the corporate impulse and its impact on the nation’s evolution. The Revolutionary War, a pivotal event in American history, had far-reaching consequences for the country’s future, shaping its system of government, economy, and society.

Aspartame Exposed: 100 Studies Reveal Shocking Truth About This Common Sweetener

As consumers, we trust that the foods and beverages we purchase are safe for consumption. However, a growing body of research suggests that one common ingredient – the artificial sweetener aspartame – may be putting our health at serious risk. A recent study has even linked aspartame intake to delayed puberty in female rats and girls, raising alarming questions about its impact on human development.1

Aspartame, marketed under brand names like NutraSweet and Equal, has been a staple in diet sodas and “sugar-free” foods since its approval by the FDA in 1981. Touted as a safe alternative to sugar, this artificial sweetener has been consumed by millions worldwide. However, the latest findings on aspartame’s effects on puberty are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to its potential health hazards.

A comprehensive review of the scientific literature on aspartame, compiled by, has uncovered a staggering 100 studies linking this synthetic compound to 77 distinct diseases and adverse health effects. From cancer to brain damage, the range and severity of aspartame’s potential toxicity is deeply concerning.

Several studies have shown that aspartame is a potent carcinogen. A 2006 study by the Ramazzini Foundation found that aspartame induced leukemias and lymphomas in rats at doses well below the acceptable daily intake for humans.4 A follow-up study confirmed these findings and further showed that when exposure begins during fetal life, aspartame’s carcinogenic effects are amplified.  Read more…

 Old World Order, Everything We’ve Been Told Is A Lie

Lamp light that works on ocean water and stays
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Smart Dust Biosensors and Chemtrail Dispersal