The Biggest Lie Ever Sold

“Even if you think you know, there is more to this story than you’ve been told.”

In December 2020, major pharmaceutical companies rushed to market with new vaccines meant to curb a global pandemic. Produced with unprecedented speed, based on new formulations of previously problematic mRNA biotechnology, the mainstream media hailed these vaccines as a Godsend. Governments around the world held them up as a triumph of innovation and insisted they were both safe and effective. We have learned the truth.

Unsafe and Ineffective is the true story of the biggest lie ever sold to the American people.

When “pandemics are declared” – what does this mean in practice?

Historically, epidemics could only be recognized AFTER the fact: after a substantial number of people became ill, died and after a significant economic impact. Examples of real epidemics include mostly water-born, crowding/poor sanitation and vermin-related diseases such as cholera, plague, typhus and smallpox. All of these diseases are eliminated by proper sanitation of water, hygiene and improvement in living conditions. It is not possible to predict an epidemic, unless one purposefully takes measures to poison water or cause significant deterioration of people’s living standards.

In the clown-infested reality that we currently inhabit, the international government-military blob is claiming that they can predict pandemics and declare emergencies based on one fake PCR case of a made-up virus somewhere in the world.  Read more…

Bombshell The H5n1 Bird Flu Virus Does Not Exist

Like SARS Cov 2, the virus supposedly responsible for causing the fake pandemic, the H5N1 Avian flu virus HAS NEVER BEEN ISOLATED so it until it is, it does not exist. Sequences of something never demonstrated are also fraud.
Dr. Jane breaks down the evidence of the fraud and the lies.

Scamdemic Bird Flu: Vaccines for 33 Billion Chickens? Digital Food Rationing?
The End of Animal Agriculture?

The overhyped threat of a human bird flu pandemic is a hoax to “reset” our food system.

If the bird flu were to suddenly be transmissible from person-to-person, there would be every reason to suspect gain-of-function bioweapons research.

But, all the hype about whether the bird flu will become a human pandemic might just be a distraction.

There are certainly pharmaceutical companies that would benefit from a human bird flu pandemic, but the industry might make even more money “preventing” a human pandemic by vaccinating farm animals, especially the world’s 33 billion chickens.

So far, the government’s response to the bird flu has been to kill millions of chickens-85.87 million birds killed since 2022.

From an animal welfare perspective, it’s viciously cruel. From a sustainable agriculture perspective, it’s senseless. From a food justice perspective, it means skyrocketing food prices, more hungry people and worse food quality.

We’re going to be told that the only alternative to mass killings is vaccination (and probably only risky experimental mRNA shots, at that), but animal welfare advocates, regenerative organic farmers, and vaccine safety experts know better.

Would the pharmaceutical companies be willing to create a full-blown food crisis for the opportunity to vaccinate 33 billion chickens?

Probably, but there are plenty of bad actors who would see opportunities in a food crisis.

The biggest meat companies would love to consolidate their control of the food system by getting rid of the last remaining independent family farmers.

The World Economic Forum, the billionaires and the biotech companies would love to replace real farms with fake food.

These same globalists are always looking for new reasons why countries should give up their national sovereignty over public health policy to the World Health Organization.

They might just want to pick up where their vaccine passport idea left off, and use digital IDs to ration food as Iran has done, and then replace the dollar with a Central Bank Digital Currency that functions as a social credit system.  Read more…

Silenced For Calling Out Corruption, EU MEP Speaks Out

German member of European Parliament, Christine Anderson, details how she was censored during a recent EU Hearing for questioning the collusion between the husband of EU President, Ursula von der Leyen, and Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, in 2020 regarding contracts between Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine and European governments.

Ohio Doctor Reinstated after Being Smeared as ‘Conspiracy Theorist,’ Stripped of Medical License for Covid Shot Warnings. 

An Ohio doctor has had her medical license reinstated after it was stripped for raising concerns about the risks associated with Covid mRNA shots.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny drew national attention in 2021 when she told state legislators that Covid shots posed a risk to public health.

Her warning led to an investigation by Ohio State Medical Board and she was smeared as a “conspiracy theorist.”

In August 2023, Tenpenny was stripped of her medical license over claims she was refusing to cooperate with the investigation.

Finally, the Ohio State Medical Board has now voted to restore Tenpenny’s license.  Read more…

Canadian Professor Fired for Questioning Safety of mRNA Injections

John Leake speaks with Dr. Patrick Provost about being persecuted for heresy.

Université Laval is the oldest institution of higher learning in Canada and has educated some of that nation’s most accomplished sons and daughters, including former Prime Ministers Louis St. Laurent, Brian Mulroney and Jean Chrétien. Sadly, the current directors of the university have—in their decision to fire Patrick Provost (Professor of Microbiology and Immunology)—demonstrated a preference for orthodoxy over scientific inquiry.

Since Galileo was condemned by the Holy Office of the Inquisition in 1633, there has been a fairly steady trend in the West to favor free speech and free scientific inquiry over strict enforcement of religious orthodoxy.  Read more… 

The Push To Engineer Humanity

Patrick Wood, Editor-in-Chief,, breaks down the dangers of the global push of technocracy and transhumanism, and how the mRNA vaccines and the WHO are part of this agenda.

The “Soft Landing” Lie: A Global Economic Slowdown Is Already Underway

Brandon Smith:  “If people have learned anything from the past few years of Ivy League elites and TV talking heads feeding them economic predictions, I hope they finally understand that the “experts” are usually wrong and that alternative analysts have a far better track record. Whenever establishment economists make a a call the opposite generally turns out to be true.

By extension, alternative economic predictions are usually well ahead of the curve – What we talk about might be labeled “doom mongering” or “conspiracy theory” today. In three years or less it will be treated as common knowledge and the mainstream “experts” will claim that they “saw it coming all along” while taking credit for financial calls they never made.

This has been a long running pattern and it’s something those of us in the alternative media have come to expect.

For my part, I warned for years about the threat of the impending stagflationary crisis which ultimately struck hard in the “post-pandemic” US. The establishment gatekeepers denied such a thing was possible. When it happened, they claimed it was “transitory.” Now, they argue that a soft landing is imminent and there’s nothing to fear from trillions in helicopter money being pumped into the system. They claim nothing of significance will change.

I also predicted that the Fed would create a Catch-22 scenario in which interest rates are raised into economic weakness while inflationary pressures expand. I suggested that the central bank would keep rates higher for far longer than mainstream analysts claimed. This is exactly what has happened.  My position is simple – The Federal Reserve is a suicide bomber.  Read more… 

Madkind-v-Mankind — A Race Against Time

Just under the surface of daily life two starkly opposing forces are at work:  ‘the will for life’ and ‘the will for no life’. Both are wrestling their way towards becoming the dominant reality of this era.  It’s a race against time.

The clock has been set by Madkind, with the disturbingly passive acceptance of much of Mankind.

Madkind is obsessed by mechanical time. It sets the clock and demands its agenda be implemented according to the time frame it decrees.

‘The Great Reset’ is the appropriately named most recent clock setting event initiated by Madkind.

It has placed some key dates in its agenda for the transference of organic life into a digitally controlled robotic look-alike, with the purpose of rendering Mankind obsolete.  It finds 2025/26, 2030 and 2045/50 useful markers by which to achieve particular phases of this ambition.

We know Madkind’s game plan because it is explicitly laid out in UN Agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum’s Fourth Industrial Revolution/Green New Deal.

On the financial side, for a start, a central bank digital currency with a social credit compliance program to control individual’s access to their bank accounts, is clocked in for circa 2026.  Read more…

Fake meat: It’s all part of a plan to control the entire food supply

What do Harvard University, internet vegans and the World Economic Forum all have in common?

A religious desire for the world to go vegan. But why?

Is it an effort to stop global warming? Is it an earnest attempt at making everyone healthier? Is it a desperate plea to end animal cruelty? The answers may surprise you.

The documentary ‘Beyond Impossible – The Truth Behind the Fake Meat Industry’ argues that lab-grown and cultured meats, as ultra-processed foods, could pose significant health risks, challenging the perceived benefits of these meat alternatives.

Fake meats lack essential nutrients found in natural meats, including specific amino acids that are crucial for muscle maintenance and overall health.

Even for those who faithfully follow the “climate crisis” narrative, fake meats are bad news.  Despite claims of “sustainability,” studies show that meat alternatives have far greater “greenhouse gas emissions” than traditional livestock practices.

Evidence supports regenerative farming methods as far more beneficial for the environment compared to the industrial farming methods upon which ultra-processed meat alternatives rely.  Read more… 

Worms, Wheezes, and Weird Diseases

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: “When we talk about improving your immune system, it’s crucial to understand its components. This knowledge will not only enhance your comprehension of the immune system but also shed light on how you can support its various functions, including the role of IgE antibodies in allergic conditions.

As I said previously, in medical school, we learned about the five types of antibodies (immunoglobulins) in the adaptive immune system.  They are classified into IgG, IgM, IgA, IgD, and IgE.  I learned them by memorizing the acronym G-A-M-E-D. They are distributed throughout the body, and each has a different function.”  Read more… 

HAARP Attack, Underwater Comms, MH370 Update with Brooks Agnew & Ashton Forbes

On Quite Frankly Brooks Agnew ( returns for his first visit of 2024 to answer some nagging questions about HAARP and other directed energy systems.

Ashton Forbes brings another important update on the Malaysia Flight 370 saga. The investigation continues to attract a lot of attention and now a formal accusation has been made.

This army of cyborg cockroaches is actually coming to help you!

The next time you call 911 in an emergency, the team that comes to rescue you could be a swarm of cyborg cockroaches! Researchers in Asia are preparing armies of these hybrid insects to act as a strange alternative to first responders.

The roaches, controlled by tiny onboard computers, were designed to carry out search and rescue missions in potentially hazardous environments. Specifically, teams at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University and Osaka University examined how algorithm-controlled cockroaches navigate through dusty and rocky terrain to reach their target.  Read more…

The Vast Pharmaceutical Conspiracy to Silence Online Dissent

There has been a coordinated campaign to attack and defame anyone who has spoken out against the COVID-19 response. This has primarily been restricted to social media (e.g., getting people deplatformed) but it has also been weaponized in real life (e.g., getting medical licenses revoked).

•This coordinated campaign was the result of a “non-profit” known as The Public Good Project (PGP), which was actually directly linked to the pharmaceutical industry. The PGP used the industry funding it received to defend industry interests.

•Vaccine safety advocates were able to get into the group where these campaigns were coordinated. There, they discovered numerous public figures working hand in hand with healthcare workers to descend like a hive of bees on anyone “promoting misinformation.” Likewise, we learned that the most belligerent doctors we keep encountering on Twitter belonged to these groups. 

Some of the influencers advancing PGP’s message through “Shots Heard” (and its sister United Nations initiative “Team Halo”) were hucksters who faked their own credentials. My overall impression from looking at everything was that this group operated in a very similar manner to many of the sleazy internet marketing operations I’ve seen in the past. Fortunately, the public appears to be seeing through what they did. Read more…

In 2017, a “non-profit” started receiving millions from Pharma to hire real (and fake) doctors to harass, censor and take away the medical licenses of anyone who challenged a “public health” narrative. This deadly censorship was then deployed for COVID.

Bill Gates Admits the Shots Contain Nanotech

 History’s Best Leaders

Who was the greatest leader of ancient times? You will be surprised. Who is considered the greatest leader of modern times? Tucker Carlson interviews John Burtka, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, author of a new book “Gateway to Statesmanship”.

Is Poetry Possible? A Reply To Dr Emmanuel Garcia

A very fine article has recently appeared on Substack, written by the U.S. and New Zealand doctor, Emmanuel Garcia. It is called Is Poetry Still Possible in Our Covid Age?, and it gave me much to think about.

Dr Garcia looks back on his early life and the inspiration that flowed into him then – on the one side, from live performances of some of the great rock musicians of the times (he had a “neighbourhood knack” of knowing how to sneak into the local venue where they played) and, on the other, through live classical music concerts by the Philadelphia Orchestra and some of the big name soloists and conductors in the musical world.

These two influences came together to fuel his great love for the word; he realised that he was himself to the maximum when he was engaged in creating art – in particular, for him, writing poetry. The professional career that he followed would try to put him into a straight-jacket, but poetry was his release from that.

He contrasts what was possible for him in his youth to the situation of young people today. Where do they find the inspiration that gave his soul the wings to see that there were ways to escape the barren landscape of utilitarian existence? And, especially in this age of covid, what is the fate of the creative human spirit that strives for transcendence in creative expression?  Read more…