The Incredible Story Of How Mike Pence & Deborah Birx Sabotaged President Trump’s Covid Response

On April 8, 2024 KanekoaTheGreat @KanekoaTheGreat on X writes:

The incredible story of how Mike Pence and Deborah Birx sabotaged President Trump’s COVID response.

They ignored the data and pushed irrational fear, totalitarian lockdowns, and devastating school closures behind his back.

“The risk to children was known to be very minuscule, but it was very harmful to close schools.”

“During Spring 2020 school closures alone, 300,000 cases of child abuse were not noticed because schools are the number one agency where child abuse is reported.”

“There was an explosion of suicidal ideation. 1 out of 4 college-age kids was thinking of killing themselves.”

“The argument I was making was that the collateral harms from the lockdowns would be so bad for the health of the population that they would far outweigh whatever lives would be saved by the lockdowns themselves.”

The Next Wave of mRNA Vaccines? | FALLOUT

A number of companies are now developing new vaccines and therapeutics using mRNA technology similar to what was deployed in the COVID-19 vaccines.

Moderna, for one, has dozens of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics in development, including for flu, RSV, HIV, Lyme disease, Zika virus, cystic fibrosis, and even cancer.

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania are also working on a number of mRNA vaccines and treatments, including “mRNA technology to modify liver genes“ to help lower people’s risk of heart attack and stroke.

Where is all this headed? What’s the difference between mRNA vaccines and mRNA therapeutics? And what about mRNA vaccines for livestock? Should people be concerned?

How Much Damage Have Vaccines Done to Society?

According to a Midwestern Doctor there has been a long history of severe vaccine injuries following new vaccinations, but they have been hidden in order to protect ‘the business’. Today we are seeing remarkably similar injuries to those observed from a century ago, however, once again, there has been an embargo on the data ever coming to light ‘because ‘it would destroy the vaccine programme’ (and a lot more besides no doubt). Nevertheless the data and evidence exist, and a Midwestern Doctor who, he says ‘exposes both the light and dark within medicine that has remained hidden’ has conducted an extensive review on a variety of studies that have shown vaccines to have been the cause of a wide range of illnesses and vaccine disasters which he has summarised in the article.  Read more… 

An Agenda To Kill’ Dr. Shankara Chetty On Why He Believes COVID Shots Were MEANT To Depopulate

Dr. Shankara Chetty was one of the VERY first medical doctors in the world to treat patients for COVID 19. He describes how he saw patients in his South African village in a tent outside of his office and effectively treated over 14,000 cases with ZERO hospitalizations. He went on to train hundred of doctors across the globe and is now being persecuted by the South African Medical Board for his statements about COVID and the vaccines.

Watch this STUNNING interview where he methodically lays out WHY he believes the COVID shots were part of an agenda to depopulate the globe and decide for yourself!

Jay Naidoo: COVID injections polarised society, led to persecution of honest doctors like Dr Shankara Chetty

11th April 2023 by Editor BizNews
Since the rollout of COVID injections in 2021, polarisation has not only pulled apart societies across the globe but medical fraternities and families alike. Doctors who have conscionably abided by the Hippocratic Oath – “first do no harm” – in their treatment of patients with COVID have been maligned as irresponsible and even dangerous threats to public health – a concept which has been robbed of its once virtuous essence. In yet another cogent OpEd by iconic anti-apartheid activist Jay Naidoo, he tells the story of Dr Shankara Chetty – an honest doctor who prioritised his patients and their treatment over blindly following the spurious and unscientific protocol forced upon doctors when COVID took centre stage. As someone who lived through and fiercely fought against apartheid, Naidoo is particularly qualified to compare the vilification of Dr Chetty and other honest doctors to the reprehensible apartheid era.  Read more… 

 The Approaching ‘Tidal Wave’ Of Cancer

Many have abandoned the media’s desperate attempt to ignore why cancer rates are spiking. Now, the American Cancer Society is sounding the alarm, predicting an 80% increase in tumors by 2050. Meanwhile, independent researchers have stepped up and honed in on credible sources pointing to the mass COVID vaccine rollout in 2021 as the prime culprit.

Dr. Peter McCullough Sounds the Alarm on COVID Vaccine-Induced “Turbo Cancer”

“The COVID vaccines have at least three mechanisms by which they could start a cancer, or they could promote an existing cancer.”

1.) The messenger RNA from COVID-19 injections could severely disrupt the body’s ability to repair damaged DNA. This breakdown in basic cell processes could lead to uncontrolled mutations, greatly increasing the risk of developing cancer.

2.) The S2 segment of the spike protein, delivered specifically through the vaccine, is suggested to critically suppress key tumor suppressor proteins such as P53 and BRCA. This suppression effectively disarms the body’s primary defenses against cancerous cell growth, paving the way for tumors to flourish unchecked.

3.) The formulation of mRNA vaccines includes DNA process-related impurities that could carry proto-oncogenic properties. “And the fragments that are detected are the SV40 enhancer, promoter, and origin of insertion, as well as antibiotic resistance fragments that are used in the manufacturing process.”

“So, in summary, the COVID vaccines have at least three mechanisms by which they could start a cancer, or they could promote an existing cancer, and it may occur more rapidly because tumor defense systems are taken down,” said Dr. McCullough.

“That’s what we call turbo cancer.”

Why Cancer Screening Doesn’t Save Lives

Illness is identified by taking a history, examining symptoms and signs, and often by taking some tests. 

Many of us seem unwell as much testing is happening – roughly 50 million diagnostic tests, 500 million biochemistry and 130 million haematology tests are performed annually in the NHS. In the U.S., it’s another order of scale, with 14 billion laboratory tests ordered annually. Testing is also on the increase: in primary care, it increased by 8.5% per year between 2000 and 2015 across all ages. The proportion having more than one test has also increased significantly. However, there are wide variations in testing, which is unlikely to be explained by clinical need.

The CDC reports that 70% of medical decisions depend on laboratory test results, but what happens when these decisions do not benefit patients or would never have caused any symptoms or problems? 

Overdiagnosis transforms people into patients unnecessarily by identifying problems that were never going to cause harm or by medicalising ordinary life experiences through expanded definitions of diseases.  Read more…

Study Finds Hearing and Balance Disorders Among COVID-19 Vaccinated

More cases of hearing and balance disorders have been observed after people received COVID-19 vaccines, according to a recent study, which asked vaccinated people to remain alert to such complications.

The Australian peer-reviewed study, published in the Vaccine journal on Feb. 22, aimed to determine whether there was an increase in “audiovestibular events” following COVID-19 vaccination in south-eastern Australia. Audiovestibular refers to conditions related to hearing and balance disorders.

“Healthcare providers and vaccinees should be alert to potential audiovestibular complaints after COVID-19 vaccination,” the authors said.  Read more…

The Deadly Cost of Prescription Drugs: How Natural Alternatives Could Save Lives. 

In a medical system that claims to “first, do no harm,” a silent epidemic of pharmaceutical deaths is claiming hundreds of thousands of American lives each year. Meanwhile, the very substances demonized as dangerous – vitamins and minerals – have a pristine safety record. It’s time to re-examine our deadly dependence on drugs and embrace the healing power of nature.

Prescription Drugs: The Leading Killer Hiding in Plain Sight

In a provocative analysis, Dr. Peter Gøtzsche, co-founder of the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration, has identified a shocking hidden epidemic: prescription drugs, he calculates, are now the leading cause of death in the United States, surpassing both heart disease and cancer.1

Gøtzsche’s findings, published on the Brownstone Institute website, are based on a rigorous review of FDA adverse event data, placebo-controlled clinical trials, and large epidemiological studies. He estimates that the various classes of pharmaceutical drugs – from psychiatric medications to painkillers – are responsible for a staggering 882,000 U.S. deaths annually.   Read more…

Acetaminophen, Key Ingredient of Tylenol, May Affect Heart Function: Study

That daily backache medication you’ve been popping may be doing more harm than good.

A new study suggests that one of the world’s go-to pain pills, acetaminophen, can trigger unhealthy changes in heart tissue—even at standard adult dosages long considered perfectly safe. Acetaminophen is the active ingredient in Tylenol and many other pain killers.

The findings add to growing concerns over the medication’s wide range of potential side effects.  Read more…

USDA/China Doing Gain-of-Function Work on H5N1 Bird Flu Since 2021

The USDA has been collaborating with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to mutate H5N1 Bird Flu via serial passage through mallard ducks, Chinese geese, and Japanese quail species since April 1, 2021.

In two related Research Projects (439621 & 440252) titled Exotic & Emerging Avian Viral Diseases Research, USDA team research leader Darrell R Kapczynski notes:

The roles of host-related factors and innate immunity on virus evolution will be determined in vitro and in vivo through two approaches: (1) Using chicken, quail, and duck embryonic fibroblasts and tracheal organ cultures as models of domestic and wild bird hosts; secondly, in vivo passage of viruses through mallard ducks and Chinese goose species to predict evolution in natural hosts; thirdly, viral evolution and transmission dynamics of avian influenza virus (AIV) infection in Japanese quail as an indicator species of potential to jump into mammalian hosts (because of their expression of salicylic acid (SA) receptors for both avian (a-2,3) and mammalian (a2,6) influenza viruses.

Serial passage is considered gain-of-function research as it mimics a natural zoonotic jump in an accelerated fashion, leading to enhanced transmissibility among different species. This method has a history of artificially introducing novel pathogens into the wild:  Read more… 

Vaccinating Poultry is “Part of the Problem”

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, Nicolas Hulscher, MPH (Candidate), John S. Leake

With all the buzz about highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza (HPAI), we thought it would be useful to review this chapter in vaccine history. It turns out that Asian countries have deployed vaccines since 1995 and China started vaccinating poultry in 2004. In the same year the US had its first outbreak of H5N2 avian influenza in over 20 years…

Among major poultry producers, there appears to be no attempt to allow natural immunity from infection to settle. If avian flu is detected on a poultry farm, the farmer will be reimbursed by the government for culling his flock, but NOT for his losses from natural mortality. Thus, the farmer is incentivized to “depopulate” his flock instead of letting the flu run its course to propagate herd immunity.  Read more…

Will a false bird flu pandemic be the end of animal agriculture and usher in food rationing?

The overhyped threat of a human bird flu pandemic is a hoax to “reset” our food system argues Alexis Baden-Mayer.

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles if bird flu were to suddenly become transmissible from person to person, we can suspect laboratory research and engineering of a virus as the culprit.  Read more HERE and HERE.

The response to bird flu outbreaks has so far been to kill healthy birds en mass. There will come a time when the only alternative to the mass culling of birds is to vaccinate them, which provides a lucrative and never-ending business for those who profit from vaccines.

In the following essay, Baden-Mayer details seven things we should know about bird flu including outbreaks caused by bioweapons research; mass killings of birds is expensive, cruel, wasteful and illogical; and how creating food shortages could result in food rationing, which might be the easiest way for them to get people to adopt digital IDs linked to central bank digital currencies, as has already happened in Iran.  Read more…

They Are Censoring & Silencing Us

Liz Gunn a lawyer, journalist and leader of the New Zealand  Loyal Party is being  threatened with 3 months in prison, huge fines and losing all of our equipment for speaking with the whistleblower Barry Young on excess deaths.  She says New Zealand is on the edge of being taken over by tyrants and she is personally experiencing it. 

What do the RKI-Files really show?


RKI-Files are internal protocols of  Germany’s Federal Health Agency. They were obtained through legal action under the Freedom of Information Act. The files show that politicians ordered the experts to make up stories and narratives so as to support the government’s preconceived measures.

Internally, RKI experts thought FFP2 masks were useless and believed that vaccines would not stop the virus spread. In the public, however, RKI vigorously advocated mask and vaccine mandates and discrimination of the unvaccinated.

Bedfellows: Pharma and U.S. Gov. Agencies

John Leake: “Over the last couple of years, many readers have urged me to focus my investigative reporting on the role of U.S. government agencies such as the Department of Defense instead of harping on the perfidious conduct of pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Moderna.

I am aware of the preeminent role the Department of Defense has played in the criminal pandemic response. Nevertheless, I do not draw a sharp distinction between the DoD and companies like Pfizer and Moderna. I view the officers and directors of these corporations as having a symbiotic relationship with ranking officers of U.S. government agencies.

Fellow Substack authors, Katharine Watt and Sasha Latypova, have correctly emphasized that the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech gene injection shots are NOT pharmaceutical products, and that neither company actually manufactures these substances. Both investigators emphasize that Pfizer and Moderna are mere front organizations, and—pursuant to the PREP Act of 2005—bear no actual power or liability.”  Read more… 

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: April 5, 2024 – RE His Court Case, Incarceration & Recently-Revealed Dossier Detailing Secret Actions of His Accusers

Dear friends,
This is an, in more than one way, hopeful message. It consists of three parts.
Together, with the already now infamous secret dossier written by the intelligence services and its English translation, it provides both the official evidence and further supporting facts that now prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the criminal proceeding against me is nothing but a, I quote from the dossier, “construct” to shut me up and put me behind bars without any legal substance whatsoever. 
Read more…

Supercharged Spying Provision Buried In “Terrifying” FISA 702 Reauthorization

On Monday, the House finalized procedural business on a bill to reauthorize the nation’s warrantless surveillance powers under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) called “one of the most dramatic and terrifying expansions of government surveillance authority in history.”

“I will do everything in my power to stop it from passing in the Senate,” said Wyden in a Friday post to X.

“Buried in the Section 702 reauthorization bill (RISAA) passed by the House on Friday is the biggest expansion of domestic surveillance since the Patriot Act. Senator Wyden calls this power “terrifying,” and he’s right,”  Read more…

Over 33,000 Illegal Immigrants Face Removal
to Rwanda, Committee Told

Sir Matthew Rycroft also said that spending foreign aid on asylum seekers was ‘not sustainable,’ adding it was important for the Rwanda bill to pass.

At least 33,000 people who arrived illegally to the UK are subject to removal to Rwanda once the government’s immigration bill is passed, MPs have heard.

Home Office civil servants confirmed to the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee on Monday that anyone who arrived by small boat or otherwise from a safe third country could be removed to Rwanda.

The removal would apply to those who arrived under the purview of the Illegal Migration Act 2023 and “applies to anyone who’s arriving irregularly or illegally into the UK from a safe third country,” said Dan Hobbs, the director general of the Home Office’s Migration and Borders Group.  Read more…

US Naval Institute 2021: Synthetic Bioweapons Are Coming – Emerging and Disruptive Technology Essay Contest–First Prize Sponsored by MITRE – Gene-editing advances pose a serious threat.

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD:  “This article is an excellent reminder that synthetic biology and self assembly nanotechnology that can deliver any pathogenic sequence to make people ill – can and is used in warfare settings. Please note references to spider silk – as well as genetically targeted weapons and synthetic biologic weapons that can induce behavior abnormalities. The plan of 2030 Agenda is to give each human being 500 vaccines in their lifetime. How come they always already have the vaccines if they were not the ones creating the disease? Should we consider bird flu or disease X as the next scare… or maybe it is just a frequency activation of what was revealed in the Nano Quell Operation, where dormant nano-particles intentionally infected the population vial water supply – that years later could be turned on and create lethal flu like illness. Also note all the sensors that DARPA has developed to be able to detect these possible threats. Those could be the very biosensors we see in the body, and of course there is dual use for everything.

In light of our current situation, this is a very informative article, please read carefully.

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed critical weaknesses in the human domain of warfare at just the moment technology has emerged that gives bad actors new power to exploit those weaknesses. Developments in synthetic biology will create next-generation bioweapons, “human-domain fires” that will fundamentally change the strategic environment and create a threat naval planners must consider now, before it is encountered at sea.”. Read more…

Nanobots That Release Toxins And Harvest Energy From the Body

CHD Wins in Los Angeles ‘Smart City’ Public Records Case, Gaining Access to Thousands of Withheld Documents Regarding Rollout of Artificial Intelligence

Washington, D.C. – On April 2, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) won its “Smart City” lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court, receiving access to thousands of withheld records regarding the rollout of advanced video camera technologies that use artificial intelligence with sophisticated surveillance capabilities. Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff ordered the City of Los Angeles (LA) to produce emails, contracts, and accounting records pertaining to the planned rollout.

The court order also recognized “residents’ right to navigate the City without digital ID” along with a host of key privacy rights, such as the city’s promise that “The apps, websites, and portals that we provide to the public will never be instruments for unauthorized spying or surveillance activities.”  Read more…

 Turning Down The Heat On The Boiling Ocean Narrative

For the past year, the media’s go-to climate change fear play has been boiling oceans. Yet simple research shows the inaccuracy of their reporting as many are looking past global warming to solar cycles pointing to possible cooling events.

Scientists Conduct Experiment With Aerosols in the Sky to Fight Climate Change

Unbeknownst to most people, scientists have begun to conduct a secretive experiment that involves shooting aerosols into the sky in the hope of preventing global warming.
Specifically, this is a solar geoengineering experiment in San Francisco that’s trying to create brighter clouds that would, in theory at least, reflect more sunlight away from the earth. 

NO, NO – you can’t manipulate the weather, that’s a conspiracy theory: Was Dubai’s apocalyptic storm SELF-INFLICTED? Claims UAE ‘flew cloud-seeding flights – which increase rainfall – the day before’ 18 months’ rain fell in 24 hours causing chaos that closed airport and sparked rush to flee the country

The United Arab Emirates is today attempting to dry out after the heaviest rain ever recorded in the desert nation caused utter chaos – but there are suspicions the horrific flooding in Dubai and elsewhere may have been self-inflicted.

The typically scorching UAE heavily relies on cloud-seeding – a technique which sees aircraft fire salt flares into clouds to speed up condensation and induce rainfall – to provide its groundwater.

Flight-tracking data analysed by the Associated Press showed one aircraft affiliated with the UAE’s cloud-seeding efforts flew around the country on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Habib, a meteorologist at the UAE’s National Centre for Meteorology (NCM), told Bloomberg several cloud-seeding sorties were flown in the days before the unprecedented rainfall hit.

As speculation over the cloud-seeding grew, the NCM later denied in comments to CNBC that the operation had taken place on Tuesday in the hours before the storm – but confirmed the operation was performed on Sunday and Monday. Read more… 

The UAE has been leading the effort to seed clouds and increase precipitation

Farmers’ Biggest Problems are Green Ideologues, not Climate Change

The recent autumn and winter months have seen Britain beset by more than the usual number of storms, and more than average amount of rainfall. For most of us, this has been merely unpleasant weather, but it has seemingly caused rivers to breach their banks and put much farmland under water. This is a real problem in its own right. Predictably, now the waters are receding, adherents of green ideology are turning the farming drama into the climate crisis, with talk of “failed harvests” and predictions of our imminent hunger. But where is the evidence?

The Guardian, as we would expect, has been leading the alarmist chorus. “The U.K. faces food shortages and price rises as extreme weather linked to climate breakdown causes low yields on farms locally and abroad,” it proclaimed, adding that “scientists have said this is just the beginning of shocks to the food supply chain caused by climate breakdown”. “I wish people understood the urgent climate threat to our near-term food security,” mourned Associate Professor of Environmental Change at Leiden University in the Netherlands to the newspaper.

Citing his experiences as a carrot farmer, Extinction Rebellion (XR) co-founder Roger Hallam declared on X that, “I know what is going to happen – not because of these particularly bad years, but because of the speed at which things are getting worse now.” Only “urgent revolution” can save us. And this in a nutshell is what the entire green movement has long been warning us of – extreme weather that will force us into hunger, which will drive us into political extremism and social breakdown and the end of civilisation. So are these floods a warning from Gaia that she made no covenant with us, unlike that other God, and that clouds stand ready to unleash her revenge on us for our SUV sins? Are these greens latter-day Noahs, or just a ship of fools?   Read more…

The Truth about Flight MH370: Decoding a Decade of Deception | Redacted with Clayton Morris

“What really happened to Malaysian Airlines fight MH370?

10 years ago… Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared from radar on 8 March 2014, while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia to its intended destination in Beijing. But It never arrived and neither did the 227 passengers and 12 crew members whose family members have been in anguish ever since. What happened to their loved ones? Who’s covering up the real story? 

10 years have now passed and we finally might have some leads as to what caused this disappearance. Ashton Forbes has in many ways devoted his life to figuring out what happened here and we decided to invite Ashton on to talk about some of this new evidence. “


Is the recent Congressional UAP Disclosure a soft reveal for the Death Cult Handlers?

Richard Willet: Today I had the honour and pleasure of interviewing author and former Deacon of the Anglican Church Paul Wallis. Paul has written an excellent series of books about the E.T and UAP phenomena called the Eden Series. This unique perspective from a former Deacon of the Church of England, and someone who studied the roots of language, has opened up the Biblical cannon to show that what we are reading are stories of E.T Visitations, human manipulation and colonisation and not stories about “God” at all.  These are flesh and blood (blue) beings who come from distance planets and star systems.

His latest edition is The Invasion of Eden ‘Did our ancestors warn us about an E.T Invasion?’. I would highly recommend Paul’s entire Eden series as well as his fascinating Youtube channel and website, the 5TH Kind.  (Paul Wallis’ work is available in GEMU – Esoterica – Featured Researchers)

Whilst preparing for today’s Classified interview I was initially concerned with bringing up the likelihood of the global cult playing the ‘Fake Alien Invasion’ card and how this maybe a reason as to why the likes of former intelligence officer David Grusch has been pressuring the Pentagon to release any information they have on back engineered technology as well as information on recovered “off world biologics” which is just a fancy way of saying aliens or DNA.  Read more…