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Eugenics is quietly returning; what does this mean for future humans?

We don’t get to choose which of our genes we pass on. Every conception is a roll of the dice.  But that could be about to change with emerging technology called “preimplantation genetic testing for polygenic disorders.”

A technology that allows parents who can afford the cost of the procedure to select which embryos should be allowed to survive based on their desired traits.  In humans, selective breeding is called eugenics. 

Could this new eugenics movement eventually result in a new breed of elitist humans that are sufficiently genetically distinct from the rest that the two populations are no longer genetically similar enough to interbreed?  Read more…

Dr Naomi Wolf – So much depends on this case that @ MarkSteynOnline bravely brought to defend his reputation (and mine) against sanctions brought to bear by the State – by @ OfCom

  to punish us both for the crimes of telling Britain, lifesaving truths. In this clip, I explain that Pfizer was only able to get the Emergency Use Authorization by hiding eight dead vaccinated people from the FDA. If they had not done so, they would have had to admit that more vaccinated people died of/with COVID than did unvaccinated (which is what the data now confirm). Might this be why my reputation (and Steyn’s) is once again undergoing a full-blown attack in the UK?   

This is Dr. Wolf’s statement to the Royal Courts of Justice in London, United Kingdom on June 11th, 2024

Dear Mrs Justice Farbey

I am here today because OfCom, the media watchdog agency, concluded that my presentation of information from scientific reports about the Pfizer injection, on Mark Steyn’s TV show in October 2022, caused “harm.” Ofcom also referred to me in public documents as a “conspiracy theorist,” using that discrediting characterization of my work, as part of its decision to penalize Steyn for airing the show in which I brought forth the evidence I did.

I wish to describe to the court please the nature of the evidence I presented on GBNews. I then wish to describe my credentials, and lastly, I wish to make some points about the history of censorship.  Read more…

Dr. Naomi Wolf Responds to UK Media Regulator OfCom

Australian Senate hearing on Excess Deaths

Dr Jeyanthi Kunadhasan shares how Pfizer manipulated trial results by hiding deaths in the vaccinated arm.  

“At the pivotal point of Pfizer’s vaccine approval in December 2020, there was a gross misrepresentation in what was presented publicly. Instead of the six deaths publicly disclosed, four placebo, two vaccinated, suggesting a benefit of vaccination. There were in fact eleven deaths with more deaths in the vaccinated arm. Six we found undisclosed deaths, especially in the vaccinated arm of this clinical trial, in contravention to legal and ethical obligations of trial sponsors.”

Australia Mandates ‘Food Rations’ To Prepare for Bird Flu Pandemic

Food rationing and lockdowns have arrived in Australia as the WEF puppet government lays the groundwork to plunge the masses into starvation, and Australians pay the price for allowing the government to confiscate their guns without a fight.

The elite have warned that a global food crisis is on the agenda and Australia has emerged as the New World Order’s testing ground where Chinese style authoritarian tactics are tested on the captured population before they are rolled out to the rest of the world.

Will Australia put up with the sadism of the global elite, including starvation rations, mandatory vaccines, and a poisoned water supply, or will they wise up, rise up, banish the tyrants, and reclaim their freedom?

These 13 countries just signed an agreement to engineer a global FAMINE by destroying food supply

The United States and the following 12 countries have all signed on to an agreement that in practice will destroy agriculture worldwide while ushering in global famine and starvation:  Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Chile, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Germany, Panama, Peru, Spain, Uruguay.

A loss of meat production from Australia, Brazil and the U.S. alone would be enough to starve countless people, not to mention all the other foods that are raised and grown in these three countries.

Citing “climate change” and “global warming” as the reasons why such drastic measures must be taken, the globalists behind the climate scam are pushing the notion that agriculture, including animal rearing, must end in order to prevent animal flatulence from heating the environment.

“I am glad to see the shared commitment by the international community to mitigate methane emissions from agriculture as a means to achieve the goals we signed for in the Paris Agreement on climate,” said Luis Planas, Spain’s Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, in a statement.

Marcelo Mena, CEO of the Global Methane Hub, of course agrees.

“Food systems are responsible for 60 percent of methane emissions,” Mena explained in an announcement.

(Related: Did you know that Europe recently launched a food crisis war games simulation to address the very thing that is now being deliberately engineered to happen by the globalists?)

Without farms, there is no food
Over the weekend, Vice President Kamala Harris made a statement of her own calling for a “reduced population.” This can be accomplished in part through the destruction of the global food supply.  Read more…

The Jaxen Report: There’s a Lot of Questions About Is It Safe to Get Blood Transfusions for People Who Had Several of These mRNA Shots

Researchers out of Japan looked at the safety concerns and they found 6 of them:

1. Spike protein contamination
2. Contamination with amyloid aggregates and microthrombi formed by spike proteins
3. Events attributable to decreased donor immune system and immune abnormalities due to immune imprinting or class switch to IgG4, etc. resulting from multiple doses of genetic vaccines
4. Presence of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) and pseudouridinated mRNA (mRNA vaccines only)
5. Contamination with aggregated red blood cells or platelets
6. Memory cell producing IgG4 as well as IgG4 produced from them.

BREAKING: Kansas Attorney General Sues Pfizer for “Misleading Kansans on COVID Shots”

The announcement alleges Pfizer mislead Kansans on vaccine risks, such as with pregnant women and myocarditis, and that Pfizer claimed the vaccines protected against COVID variants when data showed differently. And additionally that Pfizer claimed their vaccines prevented COVID transmission, but the company later admitted they never did the proper studies to back up that claim, the statement says.

The release also alleges that “Pfizer coordinated with social media officials to censor speech critical of COVID-19 vaccines and declined to participate in the federal government’s vaccine development program, Operation Warp Speed, to avoid government oversight.”

Kansas AG Kris Kobach said in the announcement, “Pfizer made multiple misleading statements to deceive the public about its vaccine at a time when Americans needed the truth.”

According to John Beaudoin’s Investigations, “80 to 90 Percent of the COVID Deaths” He’s Examined “Are Fraud”

Hospitals received BIG money for each step of the “COVID death” process.

• $13,000 per each “COVID” patient
• $39,000 for putting a COVID patient on the vent
• Plus, HHS added a 20% bonus on the entire hospital bill if they administered Remdesivir, a drug so toxic it earned the infamous nickname, “Run Death Is Near.”

“So with regard to all of the hospital protocols, I call it murder because at some level somebody knew what they were doing.”

Japan: ‘Billions of Dying Vaxxed Have Dementia – Perpetrators Must Be Punished’

Huge numbers of Japanese are taking to the streets to protest crimes against humanity perpetrated by the World Health Organization and WEF during the pandemic as Japanese scientists continue leading the world in exposing the disastrous health consequences of the vaccine.

While Western scientists operate under the control of Big Pharma coercion, Japanese neuroscientists are alarmed at the explosive surge in dementia cases among COVID vaccinated individuals as a massive study of more than half a million people reveals the vaccine has inflicted early onset dementia on an extraordinary number of people.

The Western mainstream media, funded by Big Pharma and Bill Gates, is desperate to suppress this news, ordering a media blackout across the board. That’s why we are determined to bring it to as many people as possible today.

British MP Warns NATO Planning ‘Dirty Bomb’ False Flag in Europe to Spark WW3

“Services tell me there is going to be a “9/11 like” nuclear detonation in Europe” – Andrew Bridgen. QUESTION: Unless NATO is behind it: how would UK intelligence services know?

Russia Rescues Hundreds of Adrenochrome Victims Destined for Washington D.C.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to dismantle the adrenochrome supply chain as news breaks that Russian forces have liberated 50 imprisoned, emaciated children from an “adrenochrome farm” near Shostka, Ukraine.

Russian special forces also intercepted a refrigerated truck trailer transporting refined adrenochrome from Ukraine to Warsaw, Poland, where they believe the shipment was destined for waiting aircraft bound for Western Europe and the United States.

According to reports, the children’s captors had drained their brittle young bodies of blood and adrenal fluid so frequently that their survival depended on being fed intravenously and kept in states of medically induced coma.

US Gov’t Building Secret Detention Facilities in 50 States for ‘Non-Compliant Dissidents’

A whistleblower who worked for the Department of Health and Human Services has revealed the US government in collaboration with the World Economic Forum is building secret detention facilities in all 50 states capable of detaining millions of people.

According to whistleblowers, these prison-like compounds located in sparsely populated and controlled locations, will be used for those who refuse to comply with upcoming government mandates and regulations regarding long-term lockdowns and new vaccines for the new plandemic.

Davos 2024 – President of the Republic of Singapore, Tharman Shanmugaratnam

“To solve climate we have to solve water…Solving water is the low hanging fruit in solving for the broader climate crisis…what’s required is the way we govern water together with a biodiversity….”

Prof. Celeste Saulo, Secretary-General of World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

“Extreme heat is killing and making people sick everywhere without us taking notice. Heat is the silent killer, taking up to half a million lives a year…Dangerous heat is making people sick and putting immense strain on hospitals, on communities and families. This situation is only going to become more common as the climate warms also driving more drought, wildfires and poor air quality. Climate change is sabotaging people’s health and setting back public health progress. This is not the future we want for our children.”

Vanessa Kerry WHO Director-General Special Envoy for Climate Change and Health

“The WEF just come up with a new number of 14.5 million deaths (from climate change) by 2050, which is more that 600,000 deaths a year…I think that’s still an underestimation…we’re not really documenting accurately enough who is actually dying from climate change. There’s a movement in Australia  right now to be able to put climate change on a death certificate in a more accountable way, so that we can start to track this data a little bit differently. So I think that we have to understand truly how we’re being impacted, the way in the quantifying that full degree in which health is being impacted by climate change right now.”

Military Meteorologist Biologist Speaks Out About Geoengineering

Ex USAF meteorologist Allan Buckman speaking on geo engineering:

We are finding aluminum, barium, strontium is being poured into lower stratosphere. Fly ash, the detritus from refining coal is now used in the lower atmosphere – fine particles are enriched by the toxic elements of mercury, chromium, creating a toxic nightmare. It is harmful for everyone.”

Deadly Dioxin In E-Cigarettes? The Hidden Role of Splenda

You may think that sweet e-cig liquid is a safer alternative to cigarettes, but a hidden danger lurks within those enticing vapor clouds. Recent research reveals that sucralose, a common vaping sweetener, transforms into highly toxic dioxin when heated.

Vaping’s Bittersweet Secret: How Sucralose Turns Deadly

Countless smokers have switched to vaping, lured by the promise of a “safer” nicotine fix. E-cigarette liquids come in myriad fun flavors, from cotton candy to crème brûlée, often sweetened with sucralose.1 But don’t let those sweet vapor clouds fool you – a sinister transformation takes place when sucralose is heated, producing the notoriously toxic chemical dioxin.2  

What is Dioxin?

Dioxins are a group of highly toxic chemical compounds known as persistent organic pollutants (POPs). They accumulate in the food chain and can cause severe health effects like reproductive issues, developmental problems, immune system damage, hormone disruption, and cancer.3 The World Health Organization lists dioxins as part of the “dirty dozen,” the world’s worst pollutants.4

Sucralose: The Not-So-Sweet Truth

Sucralose, marketed as Splenda, is an artificial sweetener found in many e-cig liquids. When heated, sucralose breaks down and interacts with other compounds to form chloropropanols and dioxins.2 One study found that vaping sucralose at high temperatures caused a complete degradation and release of toxic chloride ions.5 Learn more by reading our article CONSUMER ALERT: Splenda Releases Toxic Dioxin When HeatedRead more…

Tattoos Associated With Increased Lymphoma Risk, and Size Doesn’t Matter: Study

New research raises concerns about possibly toxic ink ingredients. That tattoo you’ve been dreaming of to express your individuality? It could come with a price.

A new study finds the ink used in creating popular body art contains toxic ingredients linked to a higher risk of lymphoma, cancer that begins in germ-fighting lymphatic system. Having just a single tattoo seems to raise your odds.

Tattoos Increase Cancer Risk by 21 Percent

Tattoos have grown increasingly popular as a means of self-expression. Around 32 percent of Americans have at least one tattoo, and an estimated 22 percent have multiple.

However, as tattoos become more widespread, so too has the incidence of malignant lymphoma—increasing 3 percent to 4 percent over the past 40 years. Recent research from Lund University in Sweden, published in The Lancet’s eClinicalMedicine, suggests a potential connection.

The study analyzed data from nearly 12,000 people aged 20 to 60, matched with a control group of the same age and sex without lymphoma. Participants completed questionnaires about lifestyle factors, including tattoos. Researchers found that those with tattoos were more likely to develop malignant lymphoma compared to those without tattoos.

People with tattoos had a 21 percent higher risk of developing any type of lymphoma after adjusting for other factors.

The lymphoma risk was highest (81 percent higher) for those who got 

their first tattoo less than two years before being diagnosed. The risk decreased for those who had gotten their tattoos between three and 10 years ago but increased again (19 percent higher risk) for those who had gotten their first tattoo 11 or more years ago.

Size Doesn’t Seem to Matter

A larger total tattoo size did not seem to increase the risk further.

“We do not yet know why this was the case,” Christel Nielsen, who led the study, said in a press release. ”One can only speculate that a tattoo, regardless of size, triggers a low-grade inflammation in the body, which in turn can trigger cancer.”…

“We know that tattoo ink often contains hazardous chemicals and that it is deposited in lymph nodes,” Ms. Nielsen told The Epoch Times. The immune system always “attempts to clean out the ink particles that it perceives as something foreign that should not be there,” she added.  Read more…

Outrunning Depression: The Science Behind Exercise as a Potent Antidepressant

In a world where depression affects millions, a groundbreaking study has revealed a simple yet powerful solution that may be as close as your running shoes. Prepare to lace up and discover how exercise is proving to be a formidable contender in the fight against this debilitating mental health condition.

The Power of Movement: Exercise as a Depression-Buster

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal has shed light on the remarkable effectiveness of exercise in treating depression. Researchers analyzed data from over 14,000 individuals with major depressive disorder across 218 trials and found that engaging in activities like walking or jogging two to three times a week showed the best outcomes, with symptoms improving by an astonishing 63%. In comparison, antidepressants alone only yielded a 26% improvement.1

Dr. Michael Noetel, the lead author, emphasized the significance of this study, stating, “Exercise may therefore be considered a viable alternative to drug treatment. We also found evidence that exercise increases the effects of SSRIs, so offering exercise may act as an adjuvant for those already taking drugs.”1 This groundbreaking research has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach depression treatment.  Read more…

 The People Need to Prevail in the Strive of Maintaining Freedom, Democracy and the Rule of Law

Well here it is… they don’t hide it. They will be able to travel, while the rest of us are stuck in 15 minute cities plugged into the metaverse.

MEP Christine Anderson on the intended results of 15 minute city prisons.


Neil Oliver: How Banks Took Over Empires, and the Truth About WWII, Brexit, & COVID

A Few Years from Today
It’s coming.

Clif High: A few years from today, humanity, and Earth will be manifesting entirely different energies.

Now, we can conceptualize humanity as encountering new energies from space in the form of the increased emanations from galactic center, while being controlled by a clan that is desperate that these energies NOT be acknowledged, nor accepted, nor absorbed, nor integrated. These circumstances necessarily bring contention and conflict to humanity at very deep levels.

The ability of the Elohim worship cult (the ruling clan) to continue in their mindset and control is waning due to these energies. The contention arising from the Elohim worship cult’s attempts to retain control despite these new energies is itself further eroding their ability to control the rest of humanity.   

A primary change will be the removal of the Elohim worship cult from power. Much of this will be accomplished by the HyperNovelty in which ALL ‘authority’ is removed from Humanity. As the Elohim worship cult only can exist within the construct of social authority, they are naturally in decline now, and will cease to be a meaningful force in a shockingly few years.

The ‘authority’ of ‘medicine’ is now dying very rapidly. Ergo, when the Elohim worship cult ‘medicine structure’ issues a warning of a new disease within their narradigm, it becomes yet another instance of a ‘jew yelling flu’, and not to be taken seriously by thinking people.

Many, a great many, of the unthinking people will be dying over these next few years as a result of the last fake flu, and this will be increased by the “Last Desperate Move” of the Elohim worship cultists to seize cities as power bases within the ‘liberal’ Western Republics.

None of the strategies nor tactics of the Elohim worship cult will succeed. Their ability to deny time, and the movement of our solar system into new energies, has exhausted itself. Humanity is changing and there is nothing to be done to stop it by the Elohim worship cult.  Read more…