The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the network of physical objects—“things”—that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data via wired or wireless networks—allowing the physical world to be digitally monitored or even controlled with other devices and systems over the internet. These devices range from ordinary household objects to sophisticated industrial tools, objects being monitored don’t have to be manufactured—they can include objects in nature, as well as people and animals.  The constant connectivity that IoT enables, combined with data and analytics, provides new opportunities for companies to innovate products and services, as well as to increase the efficiency of operations.

IoT Applications

    1. Human health. Devices can be attached to or inserted inside the human body, including wearable or ingestible devices that monitor or maintain health and wellness, assist in managing diseases such as diabetes, and more.
    2. Home. Homeowners can install devices such as home voice assistants, automated vacuums, or security systems.
    3. Retail environments. Devices can be installed in stores, banks, restaurants, and arenas to facilitate self-checkout, extend in-store offers, or help optimize inventory.
    4. Offices. IoT applications in offices could entail energy management or security for buildings.
    5. Standardized production environments. In such settings, including manufacturing plants, hospitals, or farms, IoT applications often aim to gain operating efficiencies or optimize equipment use and inventory.
    6. Custom production environments. In customized settings like those in mining, construction, or oil and gas exploration and production, IoT applications might be used in predictive maintenance or health and safety efforts.
    7. Vehicles. IoT can help with condition-based maintenance, usage-based design, or presales analytics for cars and trucks, ships, airplanes, and trains.
    8. Cities. IoT applications can be used for adaptive traffic control, smart meters, environmental monitoring, or managing resources.
    9. Outside. In urban environments or other outdoor settings, such as railroad tracks, autonomous vehicles, or flight navigation, IoT applications could involve real-time routing, connected navigation, or shipment tracking.” (

IoT in the right hands can bring benefits to mankind however in the wrong hands can lead to transhumanism and in Sabrina Wallace’s words where,

“We the People are the wireless system because they are routing data through US. We are the “useless eaters that serve as their slaves, their cyber physical backbone, their playthings & their food source.” 

Sabrina suggests,

“Essentially everyone has been tampered with on a sliding scale from hybrids (most augmented) to free range humans who avoided the Covid jab & try to eat cleanly.”

However, no one can avoid meta materials completely because the air is sprayed, our food and water etc. contaminated.

What will the future hold?  There certainly is a discrepancy of what we are aware and what we are told about IoT and what is really going on!

What is IoT (Internet of Things)? An Introduction

Of course we relate the word “internet” to things like our phones and computers. But, in the Internet of Things, or IoT, a “thing” is anything that connects to the internet. So yes, phones and computers, but also… humans, cars, and farm animals. Watch to learn why. 

Top IoT Trends in 2024 and What IoT Holds for the Future?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has experienced incredible growth, thanks to technological advancements and the surge in demand for instant insights into digital transformation solutions and activities. 

As we venture into 2024 and beyond, the future of IoT appears more promising than ever, with a multitude of emerging trends and forecasts. From the progress in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to the emergence of smart cities and interconnected supply chains, the potential for IoT seems boundless.  Read more… 

THE END OF HUMANITY – As Planned By The Global Leaders

“Did you know there is an official agenda to replace the human race with robots, cyborgs and AI? This agenda is being heavily promoted by the World Economic Forum. Their plan is to end the era of humanity and usher in a new era of neo-humanity, in which people are a mix of man and machine. They also state that our thoughts and emotions will be monitored by AI in order to combat climate change. Is that the world you want for yourself and your children?

Ending humanity to ‘save the planet’

Many of us have seen the popular science fiction movies about robots taking over the world and eradicating humanity. But little do we know that this is exactly what is being prepared by the global leaders. It is what they are promoting, developing, financing and calling for, all around the world.

The globalists even claim that this is the only way to save the Earth from total collapse. Without exiting the era of mankind and entering into the era of NEO-HUMANITY, the world is doomed, they say. One of their arguments is that humans are the cause of climate change, and must therefore be replaced with artificial alternatives to “save the planet”.

This worldwide reformation is called “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” and is intended to completely digitize every aspect of life on Earth.

Our film “THE END OF HUMANITY” exposes this global agenda, which is being powerfully promoted with massive support from the most powerful organizations worldwide.

This is not just a film. This is reality.

Klaus Schwab, founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum, stated during the recent World Government Summit in Dubai:

“The future is already here. It’s coming like a tsunami! This Fourth Industrial Revolution will not only change everything we do, but it will have an impact on who we are.”
Major developments are underway to transplant the human personality into robotic carriers, to give man artificial immortality. This is the ultimate dream of the elites: to become immortal.

Robots are already replacing nurses, social workers, psychological assistants, doctors, cashiers, cooks, law enforcement, etc., in several areas of the world. The first computer chips are already being implanted into humans. The blending of man with machine is a reality, while AI is taking the world by storm, removing millions of human jobs as we speak.

The horrifying thing is that specifically those sensitive jobs where people need a human touch, true understanding and emotional support are being replaced with robots. Can you imagine being taken care of by a robot in the hospital or nursing home? That’s exactly what is happening. Removing the human experience, which is so precious, beautiful and deep, and replacing it with unfeeling robotic alternatives.

Inserting thoughts and emotions into everyone

At the same time, technologies are being installed in every nation of the world that will continually record all the thoughts, emotions and dreams of everyone. These technologies even have the ability to insert thoughts and emotions into the population. That is not a conspiracy theory, as it is publicly stated by the former president of Chile, Sebastian Pinera, and by the Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, Ida Auken, former minister of the environment of Denmark.

In Europe, the public ‘School TV’ tells kids how ‘cool’ it is to have a chip in your brain.

Google is organizing symposia declaring how humans will become one with computers, while the CEO of Nokia says that, in a few years, everyone will have their smartphones inside their body. This means that every detail of our lives can be constantly monitored. Meanwhile, the World Economic Forum hosts conferences about ‘brain transparency’, discussing how all our most intimate, personal data will be stored in the cloud and controlled by Big Tech.

All this falls in line with the announcement of the WEF that by 2030, no one will have any privacy. Klaus Schwab says we will have to get used to a society of “full transparency”, where everything we think, feel and dream is monitored.

The film “THE END OF HUMANITY” is a warning to mankind, intended to prevent this nefarious plan and to save the human race, from both eradication and from this extreme form of slavery.”

Internet of Things & Internet of Bodies – MOSAIC WARFARE

Ryan Veli: Jade C2 = Skynet Has Taken Over

Scientist Admits “The Internet Of Things Will Be In Our Cells” That Someone Else Can Control

Listen To A Scientist ADMIT The ” Internet Will Be In Our Cells” That Someone Else Can Control…. He also admits it “seems crazy” and “could be dangerous” but some science guys say it’s OK….so “it’s OK.” I will also play numerous other videos about the topic.

AI Apocalypse: UN100/Agenda 2045 Exposed – FULL SERIES!

Maria Zeee takes us through a world-first exposé on UN100, Agenda 2045 and what the globalists are referring to as “The Age of Global Enlightenment” – a known Luciferian term. Maria introduces the vision driven by the UN to lock the whole world into a transhumanist nightmare coined the “AI World Society,” referring to them as “digital citizens” and introducing a “Social Contract” that determines the rules of how people are to live their lives in line with the UN’s SDG’s, except with AI at the helm in what can only be described as the AI Apocalypse, utilising the WBAN to enslave humanity.  

Hope & Tivon – MK Ultra For the Masses: Nanotech & Neuroscience

Hope & Tivon join Maria Zeee to discuss emerging technologies in transhumanism, MK Ultra for the masses through nanotech and neuroscience, WBAN, Digital Twins, mind reading technology weaponised against humanity and more!

The Dangers Of Transhumanism and Nanotechnology – Interview Segments On United News Network

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD speaks with Sunny of United News Network about Transhumanism and Nanotechnology. 


Nanotech Communication

The Technocratic Agenda Of Digitizing All Genetic Sequences On Earth For Profit And The AI Existential Threat

Ana Maria Mihalcea “Part of the Technocratic Globalist Transhumanist Agenda is to digitize all life on earth. This genetic sequencing project is part of the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 abomination by the United Nations, World Economic Forum that serves the corporate biotechnology and Big Pharma interests – of course promoted by the academic sector that is funded by the corporations who then profit by the science.”

This is the website:
Digital sequence information on genetic resources

The point of such an open digital gene sequence library is the easy access of biotechnology technocrats and synthetic biology sectors to monitor and control all resources on earth and modify them. Its free because it cannot be patented, but as soon as they modify it, they can patent the sequence and profit mightily.  Read more…

What Is A Wearable Device? An Answer To Truthstream Media – 5g / 6g / Haarp / Hbc

Electromagnetic Wireless Nano Bio Sensor Communication Networks

Dr Robert O Young has compiled a collection of reports and research to explore this topic in more detail.  Read more…

Have ALL Living Things on Earth Been Bio Hacked With Nanotechnology?

Sabrina Wallace
Sabrina Wallace is a survivor of DARPA N2 testing for human augmentation and ongoing electronic warfare (aka Super Soldier Program).
Simplifying sensors, sinks, Salus, surveillance, synthetics, slaughter bots & SOSA, for starters WHO is Sabrina Dawn Davis Wallace? Sabrina is an extremely intelligent (IQ 200+/polymath/proficient in a few languages) 44-year old descendant of the Rothschild & Rockefeller bloodlines, permanently disabled, mother of 2 teenage daughters (aged 18 & 19). She was given an Interdimensional Beacon System, Medium Access Control (MAC) ID in 1979, & she was a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) asset as a child.
Read Cerebral Sabrina…  

Cerebral Sabrina – Who is Sabrina Wallace

“All Humans” Are Connected To The Internet Of Bodies [2022-09-06] – Sabrina Wallace (Presentation)

This presentation is for folks who do not understand how their body has already been made commercially available to the cloud since 2005. IEEE is the International Standards for Electronics and Electrical Engineering. You will find your body on the web and commercially accessible via the same wireless working groups for all wireless devices. How did it happen? How can you gain access to the biosensors that are magnetically routing the data instead of your lunch in your red blood cells?

Sabrina Wallace & Netcentric Warfare – Transcript I

Cognitive body area networks – “To play humans like an endless video game” // “These people go to work and we are paying them to digitally rape us”!  Listen and read …

Sabrina Wallace & Netcentric Warfare – Mind Control, “for your health”! – Transcript II

“This is electronic warfare. They have dominated the electromagnetic spectrum and they’ve lied to people into their coffins.”  Listen and read…

Sabrina Wallace & Netcentric Warfare – “They are changing you from the inside out” – Transcript III

“They lied for 150 years and said the biofield wasn’t real, while they tethered it to the cloud, the same cloud that your cell phone uses since 2005 (…and 1995)” Listen and read…

Sabrina Wallace from Psinergy Introduction to Electronic Warfare  and Our Bodies Biofield

Sabrina Wallace Part 2- Networks, Transhuman Business Models, the TSDB, Traitors, & Torture Training

PART 3- Sabrina Wallace – Medical Body Area Network

Sabrina Wallace – You Are A Node On A Network

If you want to go deeper down this rabbit hole of the Internet of Things and the Internet of Beings in this video Sabrina suggests other people to look into.