Dr. David Martin Reveals How Global Drug Cartels Control Our Military,Governments & World

The House Select Committee last week hearing with  Dr Fauci is a cover up as they are unwilling to address the real problem of state sponsored biological weapons program that they don’t want people to know about.  What should have really happened to Dr Fauci. 

For more please read GEMA Special Report on the Senate hearing of Dr Fauci and some other dark deeds he has been involved in: https://gem.university/dr-fauci-testifies-in-senate-on-covid-response-special-report/

UK MP Andrew Bridgen on Excess Death Reports

Two studies that have come to light recently, including one in BMJ Public Health highlighting more than three million excess deaths across 47 Western World countries between 2020 and 2022, and a pre-print from a team at Oxford University showing a 20% higher rate of all-cause unplanned hospitalizations in children after their first COVID injection versus un-injected children. 

Alex Jones: Record Deaths Mainstream News

“Over 40% increase in all the major nations that had a high uptake of the shot in all morbidities…Covid vaccine doubles death rate of Covid patients. So if you’ve had the shot it doubles the level you’re gonna die and it creates a 40% increase in death…”

US Government to Fund Moderna’s mRNA Bird Flu Vaccine Trial

“The United States government is collaborating with Moderna to fund a human mRNA vaccine trial for bird flu (H5N1).”

“The United States and European Nations are looking to vaccinate poultry farmers and dairy farm workers.” 

One Flew over the Chickens’ Nest

Bird Flu in Geelong can only mean one thing – Antarctic Chickens are coming home to roost. You must be crazy to believe any other explanation.

A private government report obtained this week in response to questions over the decision to kill over 500,000 chickens in Victoria, Australia shows that the people making the decision had no verifiable evidence of a high risk infectious outbreak.

(A long but interesting and sometimes humorous read on how Bird flu is being manipulated in Australia in a similar way to COVID)


So there you have it. Nobody knows anything, but half a millions chickens were killed and now there is an egg shortage. Who would have thought?

Yet, in order to justify this cull, OneHealth and their affiliated organisations were recruited to propagandise a different Pandemic Influenza that has never reached Australia and that doesn’t naturally affect the human population, just to confuse the public.

Those very organisations are paid hundreds of millions of dollars from the public to continue these scares to justify their existence, when it is possible – if not now likely – that every “pandemic” this century was precipitated by the actions of those very same organisations.

It needs to stop. If you are going to destroy the food supply, at least have the decency to produce verifiable evidence for your overzealous overreaction on request.

Meanwhile all of us whom the government silenced and called “crazy conspiracy theorists” should now go back to the Cuckoo’s nest for our next round of medication from Nurse Ratched.  Read more…

Host Goes Silent When Doctor Admits Bird Flu LEAKED From a Lab 

Did the current strain of bird flu come from a lab leak? A new study suggests that is the case. Now the WHO says that the first person has died from bird flu and health experts say that we need to start testing animals with PCR tests. Stop me if think you’ve heard this one before. Dr. Kelly Victory joins us to discuss. 

9th Circuit Court Rules COVID-19 mRNA Injections Are NOT Legally Vaccines

“The right to refuse unwanted medical treatment is entirely consistent with this Nation’s history and constitutional traditions and the case merits are sufficient to invoke that fundamental right.”

June 7, 2024: The 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals just ruled in favor of protecting the individual human rights and bodily sovereignty of teachers and other staff of the Los Angeles School Unified District’s (LAUSD), reversing a lower court’s dismissal of their case against the LA County School District’s vaccine mandate for employees.

Announcing this huge win on behalf of their clients, Health Freedom Defense Fund issued a press release, stating that the case was won;

“On the merits, the majority ruled that the district court had misapplied the Supreme Court’s 1905 decision in Jacobson v. Massachusetts when it dismissed LAUSD’s lawsuit on grounds that the mandate was rationally related to a legitimate state interest. In Jacobson, the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of a smallpox vaccination mandate because it related to “preventing the spread” of smallpox.   Read more…

“This is America’s DARKEST secret and no one can talk about it” | Redacted w Clayton Morris

America’s darkest secret is being totally ignored by the U.S. corporate media. and frankly by almost all independent media too. America is the largest facilitator of child trafficking anywhere in the world. Over 400 facilities operate, in secret, right inside America. Former Customs and Border Protection agent J.J. Carrell discusses his latest shocking discovery as part of his new documentary Treason.

President Trump Sits Down With Dr. Phil in Exclusive In-Depth Interview

Straight Down the Middle — The Trump Verdict —Ep. 1

Professor Jed Rubenfeld: The Trump hush-money criminal trial verdict is in—and it’s guilty. What does it mean? And what’s next? 

In the debut episode of my new show—Straight Down the Middle—I will walk you through it all. As a professor of law, one-time federal prosecutor, and constitutional law scholar, I have over three decades of experience with complex constitutional issues and I want to share everything I know with you and how it applies to the issues we see in the real world.

In this episode, I walk through The Basics of the Trump verdict, The Constitutional Issues facing the conviction, and the Next Steps.

Straight Down the Middle — Selective Prosecution and Jury Unanimity — Ep. 2

In Episode 2 of Straight Down the Middle, I take a look at whether the decision to charge and try Donald Trump for these crimes was “selective prosecution” on the part of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. 

I also tackle the issue of jury unanimity and whether the jury needed to find a unanimous verdict and what “unanimous” really meant here and how it was applied.

New whistleblower documents show the FBI is every bit the politicized secret police force you feared it was

Tucker talks with Steve Bannon on having to go to jail on July 1st.

The Horrifying Truth Behind MAID(Medical Assistance in Dying)

This is what we are being told: In Canada, medical assisted dying is legal under the federal Criminal Code, as long as certain conditions are met. The process involves a patient making a request to their physician, who must then assess the patient’s eligibility and provide a prescription for a lethal dose of medication. The patient must be a resident of Canada and have a terminal illness or a grievous and irremediable condition.  But what is really happening?

Top BBC Presenter Found Dead After Vowing To Expose COVID Shots

Could the death of Dr. Michael Mosley have had anything to do with his work analyzing his own body’s response to the Covid vaccines?

The global elite and their useful idiots are scrambling to cover up the crimes against humanity they perpetrated during the Covid plandemic, as the truth emerges and threatens to destroy those who played god and culled the herd.

Protected by the complicit media, these murderers thought they had carried out the perfect crime.

Fauci’s Agency Hid Plans to Create Highly Transmissible Mpox Virus From Congress, Media

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, under Dr. Anthony Fauci’s leadership, concealed an mpox gain-of-function project from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, according to a 73-page report released Tuesday by the committee.

For nearly nine years Dr. Anthony Fauci’s institute concealed plans to engineer a pandemic capable mpox, formerly known as monkeypox, virus with a case fatality rate of up to 15%, congressional investigators revealed in a new report on June 11.

In June 2015, a scientist at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) received formal approval from the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Institutional Review Board for experiments expected to engineer a mpox virus with high transmissibility and moderate mortality.

NIAID — the institute Fauci oversaw for nearly four decades and which underwrites most federally funded gain-of-function research — concealed the project’s approval from investigators with the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce over the course of a 17-month-long investigation.

A new interim report describes the obstruction and secrecy around the mpox proposal as a case study of how the institute “oversees and accounts for the monitoring of potentially dangerous gain-of-function research of concern.”  Read more…

The Connection Between Toxic Mold, Parasites & EMFs

Living in the material world means an attachment to wireless technology. When does an attachment become an addiction?

Can you do without a cellphone? Watching TV? Scrolling social media? How much time in a day does wireless occupy? What do you consider excessive use? Do you experience withdrawal symptoms (moodiness, irritability, depression) by going without? Would you consent to the imposition of technology at the risk of harming your health and potentially all biological life?

Unfortunately, the emotional and physical effects of invisible electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are not listed on the packet.  Read more…

Microsoft Announces Feature That Saves a Screenshot of Your Computer Every Few Seconds. What Could Go Wrong?

Attempts to normalise ever more intrusive ‘SMART’ technologies have taken a concerning turn with Microsoft’s recent announcement of the Recall feature planned for its Copilot+ Windows 11 PC range. Whilst not marketed as a surveillance capability, a system which automatically takes a screenshot of the user’s activity every few seconds, and saves it as a permanent record, opens up worrying possibilities.

Microsoft’s argument for this capability is that it avoids people having to remember where they put a file, or which webpages they were viewing, and by scanning these stored images with machine learning algorithms, and by utilising the capabilities of Large Language Models, Recall can help users to ‘recall’ those things which most people can remember whilst relying solely on that hardware which resides inside their own skulls. The intention is that users can ask the AI running upon their computer a question using natural conversational language, and it can return to them an answer based upon, or including a record of, their earlier activity.

Formerly ‘surveillance’ was regarded as a ‘dirty word’ – to paraphrase General Melchett from Blackadder, it would perhaps belong somewhere close to ‘crevice’ – and Government agencies went to great lengths to reduce the impression of intrusiveness by describing some of their programmes as collecting ‘only’ metadata in an attempt to allay the concerns of the, rightly angry, public. But in the wake of the catastrophic over-reaction to Covid, surveillance, by which I mean surveillance of people not just surveillance as a term for the observing and reporting of new symptoms and conditions in a medical context, has been brought brazenly to the forefront. The culture of the West, or at the very least the impression of the West’s culture as perceived by Microsoft’s executives and marketers, has now reached the point where those executives feel emboldened enough to propose one of the most invasive forms of data collection imaginable, the constant recording of all your computer screen activity.   Read more…

Human Brain Tissue_AIs New Hardware

World’s first bioprocessor uses 16 human brain organoids for ‘a million times less power’ consumption than a digital chip

A Swiss biocomputing startup has launched an online platform that provides remote access to 16 human brain organoids. FinalSpark claims its Neuroplatform is the world’s first online platform delivering access to biological neurons in vitro. Moreover, bioprocessors like this “consume a million times less power than traditional digital processors,” the company says.

FinalSpark says its Neuroplatform is capable of learning and processing information, and due to its low power consumption, it could reduce the environmental impacts of computing. In a recent research paper about its developments, FinalSpakr claims that training a single LLM like GPT-3 required approximately 10GWh – about 6,000 times greater energy consumption than the average European citizen uses in a whole year. Such energy expenditure could be massively cut following the successful deployment of bioprocessors.  Read more…

Microsoft’s Secret Plan to Dominate Tech
and You Again!

Robert Braxman… internet security guy of some note breaks down exactly what Microsoft is doing with an ‘NPU’ for imaging AI on machines.  

There are clues from Microsoft’s latest moves on Windows 11 that reveal what Microsoft is really up to. Do you really believe Microsoft released features like Windows Recall Screenshots and Keylogging because of user demand? Or Microsoft is releasing these in spite of the lack of demand for a different reason. Yes there is a different reason. These new features are the precursor to a kind of AI I used to only speculate about. But it’s coming. And we have a lot to fear because of it.

Nvidia’s New Computer Has Released A Terrifying WARNING To The Entire Industry!

NVIDIA could be about to take general computing and AI to a huge generational leap. The leaps are going to get faster and faster. On one hand this could be good to decentralize private AIs away from just a few large players, but on the other hand the speed at which it is advancing is a bit frightening. Here’s a recent video explaining the tech behind it and what it could do for the future of the computing industry.

BRAIN DAMAGE: 1 in 9 Children are Autistic Now — Study

A recent study analyzing data from the 2022 National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH) discovered that over 11 percent of children in the U.S. are now autistic, while over 10 percent had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Autism is a neurological developmental disorder characterized by a broad spectrum of social ineptness, meaning that it is caused by a malfunction of the brain. These issues often stem from brain damage, including metal toxicity from vaccines.

Approximately 1 in 9 U.S. children have ever received an ADHD diagnosis (11.4%, 7.1 million children) and 10.5% (6.5 million) had current ADHD. Among children with current ADHD, 58.1% had moderate or severe ADHD, 77.9% had at least one co-occurring disorder, approximately half of children with current ADHD (53.6%) received ADHD medication, and 44.4% had received behavioral treatment for ADHD in the past year; nearly one third (30.1%) did not receive any ADHD-specific treatment,” the study said in the ‘Results’ section.   Read more…

Most People Are Too Distracted To Realize What’s Really Happening (IoB, IoT)

Jean Nolan of Inspired takes a look at the internet of things and internet of bio things as mentioned by Sabrina Wallace in the Special Report Internet of Things.  Jean breaks down some of the information and the company Panacea who are pushing this technology to help us understand this deep and dark subject where our bodies are being overtaken by AI in the name of health.  (Watch from 4:27 to miss ads)

Andrew Bridgen – Independent Candidate in the UK Election

Liz Gunn speaks to Andrew Bridgen who is an Independent Candidate in the UK’s upcoming Snap Election on July 4th, 2024. Andrew has been a leading voice in the global fight for truth and transparency against the tyrannical government regimes of the times we live in.